Take Pictures: Fairfax Prepares Day 27

day 27 iconDo you have updated pictures of the interior of your home and certain valuables? What about pictures or scans of important documents such as birth certificates or Social Security cards? Do you have pictures of your pets?

There are many good reasons to take pictures today in case something happens and you need them tomorrow. If you can store them digitally on your phone or in a digital cloud storage service, then you may have easy access right away if you need the information.

Consider using a camera (especially a smartphone camera) for these purposes:

  • For insurance, it’s best to take pictures of your property before an incident to help validate your claim. Take photos of all the rooms in your house/apartment as well as any specific valuables you feel should be documented.
  • For documentation, you should take photos of any damage your property experiences.
  • For reference, it’s a good idea to have photos of key documents saved someplace safe.
  • For locating, have pictures of your pets in case they escape or get lost in the aftermath of an incident.
  • For gathering, take a picture of a landmark you and your family will reunite at in case you are initially separated, then send it by text, email or social media site.

Exclamation point iconTHE ASK: Take pictures of all the rooms in your home so you have documentation of what you own.


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