Medicines: Fairfax Prepares Day 25

We sometimes need medicine for our aches, pains and conditions.

It’s recommended that you have one week’s supply of essential prescription medicines (be sure to check the expiration dates). You should also stock up on over-the-counter medicines you may need, too.

If you take daily prescription medicine at night, for example, consider carrying an extra dose or two with you in case you can’t get home.

If you or someone in your family needs electricity to take medicine (for example, by using a nebulizer or other device), be sure you’ve thought about how you can continue taking that medicine if there’s a power outage.

For further advice, talk with your medical provider about emergency preparedness and prescription medicines.

Exclamation point iconTHE ASK: Next time you’re shopping, purchase extra over-the-counter medicines such as aspirin or children’s medications you frequently use so you have an extra supply.


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