Make a Plan: Fairfax Prepares Day 18

day 18 iconWe’re always at risk for weather threats and also for potential terrorist attacks.

So it’s important for each household to develop a plan.


If your family is in different locations when a disaster strikes, do you have a plan that shows how you will contact each other and how you can reunite at a safe location? If your business is directly impacted by a disaster, do you have a plan to re-establish business operations at another location? How will you inform your employees of the new operations, procedures and processes?

If you haven’t thought about the answers to these questions, take action now by making an emergency plan. Not only will your emergency plan answer these questions, but it will be a critical tool that empowers and guides you, your family, and/or your business in a crisis.

Luckily, we have a regional online resource here in Northern Virginia to develop plans at

Exclamation point iconTHE ASK: Complete a family and/or business preparedness plan at Once you complete the plan on a desktop computer, you can then also access it on the ReadyNOVA iPhone or Android apps so everyone in your family has access to the same plan.


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