#ffxstorm Hashtag: Fairfax Prepares Day 5

Day 5 iconIf you use social media, especially Twitter, then you may know about hashtags. They help organize information on social media into useful streams so we can all see what’s going on.

Sometimes, hashtags bubble up from the community or media and other times we can suggest them, too.

For the last few storms, we have both used and encouraged #ffxstorm on Twitter.


This helps us see more localized information amid the large National Capital Region in which we live and to help sort through information for larger events like hurricanes that affect many states.

Depending on the type of incident, other hashtags may be more appropriate, but for storm-like weather, we’d like to continue using #ffxstorm. We’re listening on social media during emergencies and using this hashtag will help.

Exclamation point iconTHE ASK: If you tweet, we ask that you try and use #ffxstorm (or other hashtags as they develop depending on type of incident).


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