Intersections Impacted by Storm Damage

Updated July 4, noon.

Fair Oaks

West Ox/Fair Lakes Pkwy- Lights Out          

Penderwood/Waples Mill- Trees/Wires        

Birdfoot/Stuart Mill- Trees/Wires        

Fox Mill Heinz-  Trees/Wires


7425 Grace Street-  Trees/Wires

Telegraph/Beulah- Lights Out

Backlick Rd/Edsall Rd- Lights Out

Mason District

Masonville Dr/Masonville- Trees

6432 Sleepy Ridge- Trees/Wires

Rte. 7 /Row St. – Lights Out

Beachway Dr/Greentree Dr.- Trees/Wires

Rte. 7 /Glen Forest- Lights Out

Oakwood-  Trees/Wires

Prince William/Hamilton- Wires

Gallows/Anderson- Lights Out

Gallows/Willow Oak- Lights Out

Alba/ Saint Marks -Wires Downs                


 Great Falls/Lemon- Wires                                

 Old Dominion/Georgetown Pike- Lights Out

 Old Dominion/Spring Hill-  Lights Out                         

 Bellview/Union Church -Wires Blocking

 1340 Gordon Ave.-  Trees/Wires

 Lewinsville/Windy Hill- Lights Out

 Lisle Ave/Ware Rd – Trees/Wires

Mount Vernon

8608 Cushman Place-Wires Down

Range Rd/Mason Hall- Wires Down

Lyndale Dr./Ridgecrest-Low Hanging Wires

7323 Fairchild Dr.- Wires Down

7603 Ridgecrest Drive -Low Hanging Wires


Springvale/Fox Forest-Wires

Baron Cameron/Hunter Mill- Lights Out

Hunter Mill/Sunrise Valley-Lights Out

Hunter Mill/Sunset Hills- Lights Out

Hunter Mill/267- Lights Out

Georgetown Pike/Walker Rd – Lights Out

Georgetown Pike/ River Bend -Lights Out

Georgetown Pike/ Leigh Mill -Low Broken Pole

Georgetown Pike/ Adhoc- Wires Down


Sully Rd/Braddock Rd – Lights Out

Sully Rd/E.C. Lawrence Park- Lights Out


West Springfield

9300 Athens- Wires

Clifton/High Ridge -Wires

Braddock Rd/Roberts- Lights Out

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