Wind Storm Aftermath: Six Things to Know Monday, March 5

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It was a rough weekend across Fairfax County due to the dangerous, sustained winds that we had to deal with. We realize that the event isn’t over yet for the several thousand county residents without power this morning, or for those who have had their power restored but are dealing with downed trees, debris and other issues caused by the storm.

As we try to get our lives back to normal, here’s a quick look at six things you might need to be aware of today as you deal with the aftermath of the weekend’s wind storm.

 1. Debris Pick up

  •  Debris clean-up is a shared responsibility between private property owners, waste haulers and Fairfax County. Information on disposing of yard debris is available here.
  • Please use caution when driving near the trucks picking up debris and Slow Down to Get Around. Slow down to 10 mph below limit and provide two-foot berth around stopped collection vehicles. Watch this video.
  • A reminder that you cannot burn debris and yard waste in our county – this is to prevent the spread of fire and to protect air quality.

2. Power Outages Continue

  •  There are still several thousand customers in the county without power today. If you have questions about your power outage, here is the contact information:
  • The following county facilities continue to be without power and are closed:
    • Parks and Rec – Due to power outages and trees down, Riverbend Park’s Visitor Center is closed but the park is open. Hidden Pond Nature Center is closed. Ellanor C. Lawrence Park and Visitor Center is closed due to the closure of Walney Road and lack of power. Burke Lake Park is open but the gates are closed to vehicles and there is no power.  To report a downed tree in the parks, visit
    • Martha Washington Library remains closed today due to lack of power, but all other library branches have opened on time.

3. Trees

4. Making Repairs

  • If you have damage to your house, be sure to hire a licensed contractor. Tips on what to look for and working with your insurance company.

5. Food Safety

  • If your power was out for an extended period you’ll want to assess whether the food in your refrigerator or freezer is still safe to consume.

6. Be Prepared for the Next Storm

  • We don’t know when the next emergency or storm will impact us – it could be next week or years away. Make sure you are informed and get the latest emergency information, subscribe to Fairfax Alerts.

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3 responses to “Wind Storm Aftermath: Six Things to Know Monday, March 5”

  1. Del says :

    “A reminder that you cannot burn debris and yard waste in our county”

    I thought this was true but when I searched online because a neighbor was repeatedly burning leaves and another neighbor papers in their backyards, I couldn’t find any regulations preventing it. Could you please tell me where to find the regulation(s) forbidding burning debris and yard waste?

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