Who Maintains/Plows Your Road? Check This Map

Posted 10:15 a.m.

As the blizzard cleanup continues, we understand there’s frustration in some neighborhoods about snow removal. This storm dumped a whole winter’s worth of snow on us in two days. We continue to ask for your patience for everyone who’s trying to help dig out.

So who plows the roads? In most cases it’s the state Virginia Department of Transportation or a homeowner’s association. VDOT recognizes the frustration:


Fairfax County does not plow neighborhood roads (with a small, tiny exception of a few roads). We’re focusing our snow removal efforts on public buildings like police stations, fire stations, government centers and libraries.


Who Maintains Your Road

If you’re not sure who maintains your roads, we have a map that shows every owner of every road.

Simply enter your address:

maintenance map example


Who to Contact

Once you find out who maintains your road, it’ll likely be the Virginia Department of Transportation or a private entity like a homeowner’s association.

To contact VDOT, call 1-800-FOR-ROAD (1-800-367-7623). Please know we’re hearing of long wait times to get through because the storm affected most of the state.


Track VDOT Snow Plow Progress

You can track snow plow progress on VDOT’s snow plow tracker website. It will show you the status of roads and where plows are located.

snow plow map


About Fairfax County Emergency Information

Official emergency information about preparedness, response and recovery from Fairfax County Government.

65 responses to “Who Maintains/Plows Your Road? Check This Map”

  1. Bill says :

    How do we get some idea of when you might be in our neighborhood, i.e. street, with a snow plow?

    Thanks, W.L.B

  2. Erik Gilliam says :

    Skyview lane, Fairfax Road has only been partially plowed. Seven homes are impacted. Plows made a pass to the end of the street on Friday night but have not returned. When will plows finish Skyview Lane?

  3. Queenie says :

    Appreciate the hard working VDOT staff and contractors. How can residents on Douglas St in the Mount Vernon area have salt or sand applied? The snow was plowed so far from the street but is passable; however, some salt or sand would make it more safe particularly since it a re-freeze is projected. Three trucks came by–one with salt but two parked and chatted while the truck with the salt only plowed one end of Douglas St. One neighbor approached the truck with the salt and asked if he would put some down but the driver nodded and plowed the opposite end of Douglas and promptly drove off. Can we get some salt or sand so that the street will not be a sheet of ice after the re-freeze? Thanks a bunch!

  4. Anonymous says :

    We live in Alexandria, our neighborhood is on Beulah street, Winsor Park. Unfortunately, we have no plowing yet. nothing at all, I’m worried what’s going on!

  5. Brett says :

    Any chance VDOT covers Stroud Court, Centreville? Have seen roads are clear/pavement is visible on Pickwick road, but no one’s been here to touch Stroud Court

  6. Anonymous says :

    The snow plow map doesn’t work. Just shows where the cameras are. I appreciate that 66 is clear, but where are the plows?

  7. DivorcedAndNoLongerAshamed says :

    Please plow autumn glory and surrounding culdesacs. We are locked in.

  8. Lani says :

    I just checked my parent neighborhood, Bucknell Heights and there are no snow plows there. Can someone give me an estimate of when that area will be plowed?

  9. Wanna says :

    Where is the plow?

    River birch road that intercepted coppermine road still covered with 20+ inches snow, where is the plow????

  10. Hai Pham says :

    Street is Leakane Court, Oakton VA 22124
    No plow has come in since the beginning of the blizzard, When will a plow come? We need one to clear the roads for the kids to get to school and for the adults to get to work.

  11. Anonymous says :

    Impact to over 130+ households. New Providence Drive is about .5 mile road (public) that support and leads to several privately maintained roads. New Providence Drive has not been plowed at all while Fairview Park Drive has been cleared for over a day. This is VDOT responsibility based on the Road Maintenance Map (https://fairfaxcountyemergency.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/who-maintainsplows-your-road-check-this-map/) Can you assist?

  12. Teresa Farry says :

    Why is it that cul de sacs are not plowed? Not even one sweep straight up the middle! The plow is there already. Ridiculous!
    Glanmore Ct, FFX 22032 off John Ayers Dr. 1/25/2016 late afternoon.

  13. Hai Pham says :

    How will emergency vehicles/services enter into those (not yet) plowed neighborhoods, if needed? Lucky, we don’t have any in my area (yet), but…

  14. Nancy Harvey Steorts says :

    Can Old Meadow Road, in McLean, please be put on a priority snow removal? Hundreds of condo and apartment residents, and businesses are affected by snow removal. We would totally appreciate your consideration. Thank you for all you are doing

  15. Anonymous says :

    Why did you miss our street, Heatherford Place? The other streets

  16. Pat says :

    Why did you miss our street, Heatherford Place? We heard other streets in our development were plowed, seems like we were missed. 😣

  17. Anonymous says :

    Plz plow folkers landing Centreville, va

  18. Aditi says :

    Branding iron ct is not ploughed at all in Herndon 20171.

  19. Anonymous says :

    Hi, plz plow entire Folkers Landing , Centreville, va 20121 connecting to mount olive road. Need to go to work, some has doctor’s appointments and need to get food too. Thank you

  20. Anonymous says :

    We’re also in Centreville, Clay Pipe Ct 20121,we have not seen any plow truck at all. any chance they will get to our street today?

  21. Anonymous says :

    Ashvale Dr in Fairfax is only partially plowed. Please send a plow over to finish the rest of the street. Residents on the unplowed portion are not able to navigate their cars past their driveways. Thanks!

  22. Anonymous says :

    Is Fairfax County responsible for clearing sidewalks on main roads, like Leesburg Pike/7? With my neighborhood still completely unplowed, walking to the metro seems like the only option (even though metro is not running out past Ballston) but I am told there are no sidewalks for pedestrians.

  23. S. Levine says :

    When will Martinhoe Drive in Vienna, the last left turn off of Hill Road, be plowed? Hill Road, which connects to route 123, serves a large neighborhood of side streets.

  24. KNL105 says :

    Who plows the school driveways and parking lots? Our streets are done but the local school is still covered. Why don’t our street plows also do the schools?

  25. AW says :

    Is it possible to get someone to plow Fisher Drive, at the intersection of Fisher Dr and Lisle Ave, and then down Fisher Dr(towards Leonard Dr)? Lisle has been cleared a bit, but no plows have cleaned Fisher at all, and residents are having a difficult time getting out of their driveways because they are getting caught on the snow/slush/ice in the street. Fisher Drive also needs to be plowed in the opposite direction from Lisle Ave going towards Magarity Rd. That road is very hilly, so it is certainly understandable, but the 3T bus uses that road, so it would be great if that could be addressed to help the 3T bus get back up and running. Thank you so much for your assistance during this storm cleanup!!!

  26. Robin says :

    Please advise these genius plow drivers to veer AWAY from driveways when space permits. Freshly cleared driveway opening lasted not even five minutes when one of your finest plowed down the road (on my side) and clogged the opening full of snow. WHEN THERE IS 8 FEET OF SNOW ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD THAT CAN ALSO BE PLOWED.

  27. Srini says :

    Please emeric ct, centreville, va 20120
    Near Northbourne Rd, Marshall crown Rd.
    Fairlakes crossing.

  28. Anonymous says :

    Re: Oberlin and West Hampton (22307). Our roads have been semi -plowed or sanded very poorly. Do these drivers have any training? Also, we had all cleared our vehicles to be able to go to work this morning and late this afternoon, after the sun went down, the plows have come through and done a very poor job of actually clearing the road, but have managed to block all of the vehicles back in again. A team of us here in the neighborhood cleared the above mentioned intersection of ice and snow so that travel was safe. He has now come, after dark, and started blocking people in again, This is unacceptable and very costly for the county and dangerous for us older citizens 70+ to have to re-dig our vehicles.

  29. Zahid yousaf says :

    St. Germaine in Centreville has not been plowed at all. People are driving on wrong side of the street. This is a very dangerous situation. Please look into it asap

  30. Kelley Westenhoff says :

    Can we get a similar map for sidewalks and curb cuts? I watched an older man using a walker, crossing at the intersection of Lawyers Road and John Milton Dr. today. He crossed in the crosswalk, but once he got across the road, there was no place for him to go other than in the (narrowed) lane of traffic. It was terrifying to watch.

  31. Keith says :

    Thursday morning and still no sign of a plow on Two Penny Lane in Fairfax Station. We are stuck and there is an elderly woman here who is now out of heart medicine. I called the ForRoad number yesterday, but still nothing and this has become an urgent medical situation.

  32. Tim says :

    This morning on Greeley Blvd in Springfield (from Rolling Rd to Old Keen Mill) the snow was cleared from the street and dumped onto the sidewalk. In some places it is over 6 feet high and packed pretty tight, if not frozen. Not sure how we’re supposed to manage this and where pedestrians are expected to safely walk now that the previously cleared sidewalks are not longer passable.

  33. Janie Miller says :

    when is monument from fairfax cty pkwy to west ox going to be plowed so that more than one lane is opened up?