Sunday Blizzard Update: 5 Things to Know

Posted 9:25 a.m. / Updated 1:50 p.m.

(UPDATE: Government, Courts and Schools Closed Monday)

The blizzard is over!

The sun is out!

But the cleanup has just begun. The keyword of the day will be patience.

The historic storm has resulted in a challenging few days for Fairfax County residents and those working hard to keep the community safe. We ask that the community be patient. It will take several days for things to get back to normal and this will be a multi-day clean up. 

Here’s an update from our Emergency Operations Center this morning:


Here are a few things to know:

1.) Stay off the Roads

Please continue to stay off the roads. Major roads are still covered in snow, but now that the snow has stopped, the Virginia Department of Transportation can really make progress — and it would help greatly if you are off the roads. You can track VDOT snow plow progress online.

vdot cameras

Also, please don’t walk down the middle of streets as plows are out and about.


2.) Check on Neighbors

Call, text or check in on elderly or homebound neighbors. See if they need anything now that the blizzard has passed.


3.) Sidewalks

Yes, the great dig out in our neighborhoods begins!

It takes a whole community to shovel snow from sidewalks because your state and local governments simply don’t have the resources to clear sidewalks across the whole county.

While not legally obligated, we need your help to keep sidewalks safe by clearing snow in front of residential or business properties so that all pedestrians (especially school children), those with disabilities and the elderly, may walk safely. Our first responders need easy access, too.

Do what you can, take your time and don’t overexert yourself. There’s a lot of heavy snow to clear. Where should you clear?

7 Places to Shovel:

  1. The sidewalk in front of your home.
  2. The sidewalk in front of vacant homes or homes where residents are unable to shovel.
  3. Fire hydrants.
  4. Bus stops.
  5. Sidewalks/paths that lead to schools or community buildings.
  6. Bike trails.
  7. Stormdrains.


4.) Fire Hydrants

We have hundreds of fire hydrants in the county that need some TLC so we’re all safe. Every second counts if there’s a fire. We need you to adopt fire hydrants and dig them out.

We have a fire hydrant locator map as a reference guide to find ones near you.

Be like this guy:


5.) Clear Snow From Cars

When the roads are ready, you’ll want to break out of cabin fever. If you have a car, PLEASE make sure you clear all of the snow from atop your car.

Don’t be like this guy:


Stay Informed

We have many ways you can choose to stay informed as we dig out from this blizzard:


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14 responses to “Sunday Blizzard Update: 5 Things to Know”

  1. Julio C Castro says :

    Penderbrock please route need clean up
    Thank you
    Julio C Castro
    12113 Wedgeway place
    Fairfax VA 22033

  2. Maria Jara says :

    While my husband and I were shoveling to clear our long driveway in the Colchester neighborhood, one of your trucks push the street snow into our driveway, instead of pushing it into the sides. We don’t want to see this again.

  3. K Miller says :

    Your contract plow operators this year are amateurs. I live on a T intersection and they have pushed through the intersection in into my driveway. How long do you think it will take to remove the 5 foot high, 15 foot long pile from the driveway and sidewalk ?? And forget about the fireplug across the street. You won’t see that until spring.

  4. T Brown says :

    Please ask plow drivers to plow snow into the MIDDLE of cul-de-sacs, not the edges so we don’t have to plow out of the end of our driveways. Much easier to deal with a large snow pile in the middle of the cul de sac. This is how they do it in snowier climates like Canada.

  5. Bill Simmons says :

    Fairfax County did a superb job in my neighborhood, Alexandria’s Swan Terrace, 22307! Great job, thanks! we are looking at asphalt pavement and melting snow!

  6. Brenda Guerra says :

    How big an area around storm drains needs to be cleared?

  7. Marie Lindsay says :

    is the library system open?

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