Governor McAuliffe and Chairman Bulova Provide Update, Emphasize Need for Patience

Posted 5:01 p.m.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe was in Fairfax County today to assess the damage of this weekend’s blizzard in our area. The Governor and Chairman Sharon Bulova provided an update on storm clean up efforts and community priorities for what the Chairman called the Big Dig Out.

Both emphasized the need for continued patience in the coming days.

“This was a massive storm event with a tremendous amount of snow. It will take a while to move it.  We have 13,ooo pieces of equipment and we are adding more resources. We in the state are responsible for 58,000 miles of roads. Please stay off the roads and let our plows do their work.” said McAuliffe.

Watch the news conference:


Chairman Bulova outlined her community priorities as the Big Dig Out continues:

  • Please stay off the roads. It is critical that VDOT crews are able to effectively clear the streets and public safety can respond to emergencies. You can track VDOT snow plow progress online. Clean up will take several days!
  • There are miles of sidewalks that need to be shoveled and we need your help. While you are out today shoveling, please make sure all the sidewalks and walking paths in your neighborhood are shoveled. Help out your older or disabled neighbors who are not able to shovel. We also ask that you shovel out fire hydrants. By working together, we will get back to normal much faster
  • Please avoid walking in the streets, you are putting your life in danger.
  • Check on neighbors – stop by or give a neighbor a call if you haven’t seen them in a couple days. Take a moment to see if they are OK or need anything.
  • We are working with our faith community and nonprofit partners to shelter our homeless population throughout this storm event. This is a multi-faith response and a real demonstration of our unique Fairfax County culture. If you see someone who is unsheltered call the police non-emergency number at 703-691-2131.


Stay Informed

We have many ways you can choose to stay informed during this blizzard:

10 responses to “Governor McAuliffe and Chairman Bulova Provide Update, Emphasize Need for Patience”

  1. Jim L Elliott says :

    Question: What number should a Fairfax county resident call if the snow plows have NOT cleared our street by Tuesday?

  2. Laurie says :

    I have tried to use the VDOT map but it is very confusing. When I click on my neighborhood it indicates it is in process (which it clearly has not)….then when I click on the next area over, our turns white (which is not in the color coding) and the area a mile over is in yellow to indicate that is in process. I am just concerned because the storm drain is right by my property and if we have a rain storm my property will be flooded because the water will end up in my yard. It would be easier if we could see a plan.

    • Fairfax County Emergency Information says :

      Laurie, we have been asking to have residents help us clear storm drains. It needs to be clear enough that water can run down it once it starts to melt. VDOT will not clear the storm drains specifically. Their number: 1-800-FOR-ROAD. Please be patient they are trying to get to everyone.

  3. Laurie says :

    I live on Tower Woods Dr in Springfield and we are not in a homeowners association and I am concerned we will be forgotten.

  4. Beth Reisberg says :

    You arw doing a wonderful job with Virginia. The townhome complexes are nor doing their part. I live in Amberleigh village in Alexandria, They have not been here since storm started and said would get here within a few days. Our neighboring community has been plowed twice by a different contractor . We have a huge side street Greenleigh Lane which is downhill. I do not understand how they could leave us stranded. I as well as other senior citizens live on this side street. There are many streets in this complex that have been ignored. Some of us seniors need to be able to get out in emergency or have emergency vehicles come to us. Tomorrow is acceptable doing sometime this week is not acceptable.

  5. Jim L Elliott says :

    Thanks to truck 26323 for the plow of Old Trail! Good job!

  6. Charlotte Rexroad says :


    A message from the county stated they would start plowing subdivisions today. I am not sure that includes us, but my guess is it should. Shenandoah is covered with snow–not many bare spots yet.


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