Every Second Counts: Clear Fire Hydrants During Blizzard

Posted 2:05 p.m. / Updated Feb. 3

With feet of snow falling, digging out fire hydrants will be critical to your neighborhood’s safety.

Every second counts if there’s a fire. We need you to adopt fire hydrants and clear them.


Stay Informed

We have many ways you can choose to stay informed during this blizzard:

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16 responses to “Every Second Counts: Clear Fire Hydrants During Blizzard”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Some fire hydrants have bendable flags that rise a few feet into the air. This helps to identify them, but the snow still needs to be cleared away.

    • Richard A Lacquement says :

      How can our civic association (Mt Vernon Manor Civic Association) obtain flags to install on fire hydrants?

  2. Rossi says :

    Where are the warming stations if power is out overnight

    • Fairfax County Emergency Information says :

      At this time there are no plans to open warming centers. It would be difficult for us to open them in these blizzard conditions. If plans change we will post them here on the blog. Please continue to check in with us.

    • Anonymous says :

      The warming centers, like other emergency shelters, are designated as needed during the emergency. Although homeless shelters (open only at night?) might work in some situations, but assuming there is space, you must get thru the facility security & logistics. You should already have & practice some kind of home emergency plan (DisasterCenter.com/New%20Guide/Family%20Disaster%20Plan.html or Ready.gov) including community resources like the home of a friend or neighbor, & nearby hotel or church.

  3. David says :

    The maps does not show fire hydrants connected to Town of Vienna water. Including them will help us check them for clearing.

  4. Len Gliatta says :

    We want to locate and dig out our fire hydrants here in Caroline Oaks Community (Burke). You’ve posted a link to the fire hydrant locator map. However, you need a userid and password to access it. Please provide or remove the sign in requirement. Thanks

  5. Dave says :

    Your link to the fire hydrants map now requires a login/password. It didn’t last week. Have you intentionally made it no longer accessible to the public?

  6. P Lincoln says :

    Our HOA is willing to purchase flags for our fire hydrants but I’ve called both our local Fire Station and two numbers at the Fairfax Fire Marshall’s office and no one knows the process to have the flags installed. I’m sure you don’t want citizens tinkering with your hydrants. Please post how we can get flags installed. Thanks!