It Doesn’t Feel Like Winter

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Even though it’s a little cool today, it really doesn’t feel like it’s winter. But it is! In fact today, Tuesday, Dec. 22, is the first day of winter.

We’ve had a mild November and December so far, but whether or not we like freezing temperatures, snow and ice, we’re most likely going to experience these conditions sometime over the next couple of months. So what can you do now to be ready for Old Man Winter? The Weather Channel put together a list of 22 things to avoid as you prepare for winter, including:

  • Failing to Clean the Gutters Before Freezing Weather Arrives. Cleaning gutters is important when protecting and preparing your home for the winter months. Gutters help keep icicles from forming along the roofline. Icicles may damage shingles, which can cause water to leak into your home.
  • Going to Bed Before Heating Sources Have Cooled. Before you go to bed or leave the house, ensure that space heaters have cooled and are powered off.  If you have built a fire in the fireplace, be sure that the embers are no longer burning.
  • Forgetting to Develop a Fire Escape Plan.  According to the U.S. Fire Administration, the risk of home fires increases with the use of alternative heating sources, so it’s important to develop and rehearse an escape plan. also has useful information, including tips on winterizing your vehicle and home, updating your emergency supply kits and a list of snow terms you’ll want to be familiar with before the weather gets bad. Visit and click on the “before winter storms and extreme cold” link.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has several checklists to follow so that you’ll have what you need at home, work and in your car in case of extreme cold this winter. In addition, check out the Infographic below for more advice on what you can do now to prepare.

Be ready for winter weather


Finally, when inclement weather arrives, please remember to get where you need to be before the weather gets bad!

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