Trash and Recycling Collection for Fairfax County Customers Suspended Today

Posted at 9:05 a.m.

Due to unsafe road conditions, Fairfax County trash and recycling collection in sanitary districts (15 percent of county households) on Thursday collection routes has been suspended for today, March 5.

Thursday collection customers will receive trash and recycling collection on Friday, March 6, weather and road conditions permitting. Please make sure trash and recycling carts are accessible and not blocked in by snow to ensure collection.

You can check the trash/recycling county customer website for updated service information.

The impact of the winter weather may also be affecting the operations of private trash and recycling collectors. Customers of private service providers (more than 85 percent of county households) should contact their trash and recycling collector directly for any changes in service. Contact information for private trash and recycling collectors operating in Fairfax County is available at

If your trash collection service has been postponed until another day, please remove your trash containers from the curb in order to enhance the effectiveness of snow clearing operations and to avoid having your containers damaged or buried in snowbanks.

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2 responses to “Trash and Recycling Collection for Fairfax County Customers Suspended Today”

  1. James Lake says :

    Recycle guys have already come. I brought up bins.

  2. Laila Keirstead says :

    The snow makes it really hard to get your trash recycled. I don’t blame the companies for not being able to get to the bins because of the snow. They need to invent something or do something that will make it so no matter what condition, you can get your trash collected. I think it would help both the consumer and the business.