Winter Storm Warning Issued for Fairfax County and Region

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Apparently Old Man Winter isn’t ready to retire. It seems that he has more winter weather in store for us!

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a winter storm warning from midnight tonight until 9 pm. tomorrow, Thursday, March 5. A winter storm warning for heavy snow means severe winter weather conditions are expected or occurring. Significant amounts of snow are forecast that will make travel dangerous. Roads will become snow covered and visibilities will drop to around a quarter-mile at times making travel dangerous.

Winter Storm Warning March 4, 2015


With this forecast, you are reminded to get where you need to be before the weather gets bad.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) reports that by midnight, more than 3,800 trucks will be staged along interstates, major roads and neighborhood streets. With the storm expected to begin as rain, however, crews will not pre-treat for this storm. They will treat roads with salt and sand during sleet and freezing rain, and begin to plow as the storm transitions to accumulating snow.

“We’re asking drivers to prepare now for a long couple of days,” said Branco Vlacich, VDOT’s district maintenance engineer for Northern Virginia. “It will be vital to stay off the roads tomorrow, as conditions will be treacherous during the storm. Crews will also need that room to clear snow quickly during the day, because frigid temperatures overnight and through the weekend will mean repeated refreeze of any accumulation left on the road.”


snowflake-icon Tonight: Occasional rain before 2 a.m., then rain and sleet between 2-5 a.m., then rain, snow, and sleet after 5 a.m. Low around 27. North wind 7 to 13 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100 percent. New snow and sleet accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

snowflake-icon Thursday: Snow and sleet, becoming all snow after 8 a.m. Temperature falling to around 19 by 1 p.m. North wind 10 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 21 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100 percent. New snow and sleet accumulation of 4 to 8 inches possible.

snowflake-icon Thursday Night: Snow likely, mainly before 7 p.m. Cloudy during the early evening, then gradual clearing, with a low around 9. Wind chill values as low as -3. North wind around 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60 percent. New snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

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What You Can Do

  • You are encouraged to stay off roads throughout the day tomorrow to provide crews as much room as possible to plow and treat roads.
  • You should park vehicles in driveways or on the odd-numbered side of the street to allow plows room to pass.
  • And when shoveling snow, remember to shovel snow to the right of your driveway as you face the road. This prevents snow from piling up when your street is plowed or re-plowed.

More information on preparing for this winter storm can be found on our website at and

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20 responses to “Winter Storm Warning Issued for Fairfax County and Region”

  1. ConcernedFairfaxPropertyOwner says :

    Can you explain this? It makes no sense to me or anyone that I’ve shown it to.

    “And when shoveling snow, remember to shovel snow to the right of your driveway as you face the road. This prevents snow from piling up when your street is plowed or re-plowed.”

    • Ken says :

      A snow plow vectors snow forward and to the right. As it passes your driveway, extra snow on the left hand side would get shoved into your driveway. Snow on your right hand side will get shoved further to the right.

  2. Elizabeth Gianturco says :

    Will there be trash and recycling pickups for those neighborhoods handled by the county?

  3. Anonymous says :

    FCPS have already announced they are closed Thursday, at least the county could do is announce a liberal leave policy so we don’t need to scramble for day care.

  4. John Snow says :

    Are government offices and courts buildings closed tomorrow?

  5. Anonymous says :

    My guess would be no since the powers that be who make the decision rarely have the safety of county employees in mind. We’re Fairfax Co. Gov’t and we stay open. Kind of ironic when DOT warns everyone to STAY OFF the ROADS. Not everyone has leave to use or wants to use leave for snow. But Fairfax Co Gov’t stays open so staff go in and create more obstacles on the roads. Go figure….

    • Anonymous says :

      When can we be sure if the courts are operating normally?

    • Anonymous says :

      It’d be nice if you made a decision soon. Is the person who makes the decision on vacation? I have staff due in in less than an hour as not everyone works a cushy 9-5 schedule. Schools are closed, Feds are closed, VRE is not running, get with it!

  6. Anonymous says :

    It’s almost 5:00 AM. The Federal Gov’t has already made a decision to close.

    We’re waiting on a decision, Fairfax County! Is there going to be a decision? Or is today simply a no brainer “open” for you guys…?

  7. Fairfax County Emergency Information says :

    5:08 a.m., Thursday, March 5… Fairfax County Government offices and all Fairfax County Courts are closed today due to inclement weather.

  8. Anonymous says :

    Fox 5 announced Fairfax County Govt closed today just a few minutes ago. Is this confirmed?

  9. Anonymous says :

    The courts that were going to be had today, when will be held?

  10. Victoria says :

    Very helpful and complete information.
    Thank you.

  11. EM says :

    How do I know if Trash collection is postponed?

    • marylizjordan says :

      Our recycling was collected. Haven’t seen the trash truck yet.

    • Fairfax County Emergency Information says :

      Due to unsafe road conditions, trash and recycling collection for Fairfax County customers on Thursday collection routes has been suspended for today, March 5. Thursday collection customers will receive trash and recycling collection on Friday, March 6, weather and road conditions permitting. Please make sure trash and recycling carts are accessible and not blocked in by snow to ensure collection.

      Residents with private trash collectors should contact their trash collector directly for information regarding trash/recycling collection.