Board of Supervisors Will Meet Feb. 17 at Noon

Posted 11:14 p.m.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors meeting will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 17, however the meeting time has been changed. The meeting will begin at noon with the budget presentation by County Executive Ed Long. No presentations to the public will be held.

Also, only two afternoon public hearings will be held: Lake Anne Development Partners (Hunter Mill District) and Wesley Hamel Lewinsville (Dranesville District). All other scheduled public hearings are being deferred until the next scheduled board meeting on March 3. For more information on the Board of Supervisors and meetings, visit

Otherwise, Fairfax County government offices, courts and schools are closed Feb. 17.

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8 responses to “Board of Supervisors Will Meet Feb. 17 at Noon”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Will there be trash pick up Tuesday March 17 2015 for residents serviced by Fairfax County? The post at 6:50 am is confusing.

  2. Fairfax County Emergency Information says :

    Assuming you meant today, Feb. 17 — not March 17 — as written in your comment. As we stated in the post, there will be NO Fairfax County trash or recycling collection in sanitary districts today. Service has been cancelled for Tuesday, Feb. 17.

  3. coleen says :

    will rppd 18 still be heard today?

  4. Irene Xenos says :

    Can someone confirm that the Spectrum Development public hearing is deferred to March 3rd?

  5. CL says :

    Will Public Comment Period be held today? There is no notation on the Web site about this. I am scheduled as speaker #1 for Public Comment period (different than public hearings)..

  6. BK says :

    Will building inspections scheduled for 2/1715 be pushed to 2/18/15, or do they need to be rescheduled?

  7. Ben Smith says :

    I stayed home specifically for the Ebt Interview so who is to blame? I don’t think any Fairfax county employees will show up if they get a snow day but did I stay waiting yes but do employees care? Of course not so am I a lazy bum…No, I blame myself for coming to DC getting a job at XM radio only to be laid off for the first time ever and I am a hard responsible and delightful person but they are testing my patience however I am Christ centered. God Bless You and I am expecting a new EBT card tomorrow morning.