9 Things to Know for Upcoming Snow

Posted 11:22 a.m.

As you’ve likely heard, the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning from 4 p.m. Monday to noon on Tuesday with 6-8 inches predicted for most of Fairfax County. The latest snowfall prediction map is here:

Feb. 15-16 snow predictions

As the storm approaches, here are 9 things to know:

1.) Get Where You Need to Be Before the Weather Gets Bad: Snow is expected to start falling around 4 p.m. so there’s still time to prepare.

2.) VDOT Snow Plowing: The Virginia Department of Transportation is responsible for snow removal on most county roads. VDOT is aggressively pre-treating roads throughout Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William and Arlington counties in advance of the snow. By 4 p.m., almost 4,000 trucks will be staged along interstates, major roads and neighborhood streets. You can visit www.vdotplows.org to see the status of plowing in your neighborhood as the storm unfolds. VDOT has more information, including key tips to prepare.

3.) Neighbors: Please make plans to check in on elderly or other housebound people to make sure they are OK and have supplies. After the storm, help dig them out if you’re nearby.

4.) Hypothermia Prevention: If you see an unsheltered person who may be at risk of hypothermia, call the police non-emergency phone line at 703-691-2131, TTY 711.

5.) Pets: Don’t forget your pets — as conditions deteriorate, bring pets/companion animals inside; move other animals to sheltered areas with non-frozen drinking water.

6.) Fire Hydrants: Depending on how much snow we get, there may be a need to dig out fire hydrants. Please note their location near your home now. If you’re able and if we get enough snow, please help dig out fire hydrants when the snow ends.

7.) Fill Your Car: If you have a car, fill your gas tank before the snow flies. Here’s more information on winterizing your vehicle.

8.) Stay Informed: We have many ways you can choose to stay informed:

9.) Shoveling: Make plans to remove snow now. Check out our new resource page, “Take Your Snow and Shovel It” for more information, including this guide on who removes snow:

Snow removal responsibilities

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15 responses to “9 Things to Know for Upcoming Snow”

  1. Anonymous says :

    is the county open tomorrow?

  2. Anonymous says :

    Governor McAuliffe Declares State of Emergency for Winter Storm Response, the Parents will sue the FCPS if the schools are open 2/17 and also the County should not risk their employee’s lives. Stay Safe and enjoy the snow storm..:)

  3. Pat says :

    Can you let us know ASAP if you will be open tomorrow??? My office follows your lead and I need to know how to plan

  4. ken says :

    Thank you for closing offices and also the schools. I work for Fairfax County and I was caught in the snow. It was treacherous. Thank you for closing the county offices too.

  5. Joan says :

    Would be nice to know about the county government open? closed?

  6. Anonymous says :

    Please let us know ASAP if the county offices r opened Tomm will be highly appreciated.