Customized Weather Alerts from Fairfax Alerts

Posted at 2 p.m.

Fairfax AlertsOne of the big improvements in the county’s new alert system — Fairfax Alerts — is the ability to customize weather alerts specifically the way you want them and when you receive them.

In this video, Paul Lupe with our emergency management office gives an overview of the flexibility to receive the specific weather alerts that you want.

If you’re not signed up yet for Fairfax Alerts, do so right now! And customize your weather alerts once you’ve signed in.


13 responses to “Customized Weather Alerts from Fairfax Alerts”

  1. Susan Z says :

    The new system only let’s you list 2 cell phones for text alerts. The old system let me list all family members’ cell phones for text alerts. In the new system, I had to have one phone receive phone calls, which I don’t like. I had to set up two separate accounts. This is very annoying. The old CEAN system was better and easier to use.

  2. Richard OBrien says :

    Appreciate all the great work you do and for keeping us alert to weather issues

  3. bobraxton says :

    the alerts I get (and want) come on social media – not on any kind of telephone(s)

  4. Anonymous says :

    Did not receive any alert on my cell for today weather

    • Anonymous says :

      It depends on the types of alerts you chose when setting up your account. Please review your account settings.

  5. JS says :

    Thanks for all the work you and the team are doing to improve how the public receives important alert information. I made a comment to an earlier post about this, but I would like to suggest it again. I do not like how alert information is encoded in a PDF. That is an extra step, and the formatting leaves a lot to be desired. One thing I liked about the old CEAN system was that the text of the alert was sent in the message body. I was able to read the full text of the alert without having to download anything or use another application. I suggest that you try to incorporate the text of the alert into the message body. I also suggest that you look at how other systems provide alert information (Google Now, Weatherbug, Weather Underground, etc.). Thanks again!

  6. Herbert W. Ware says :

    1. On July 4 I received a message indicating a Severe Thunderstorm warning. The e-mail was sent at 3:40 a.m. and indicated that the severe thunderstorms had already reached (forgotten where) at 3:48 p.m. July 4 was a beautyiful day. No weather service that I access was reporting such a warning. Why did I receive this so late?

    2. With regard to the use of attachments to e-mails: I am visually impaire. Those attachments place a HUGE burden on one’s ability to be abel to read to get to the specific location (as Fairfax County) and the expiration of such a warning. The old, terse announcements in the actual e-mails from CEAN were MUCH more helpful.

    3. Why do I have to ‘confirm’ my receipt of eitehr the e-mail or the text message on my cell phone? That is extremely annoying–especially in the middle of the night when, as a visually impaired individual, I can barely find the keys on my cell phone to respond with the text message ‘Yes’? And if I’m charged for those responses, I WILL be even more annoyed!

    I didn’t sense that there was anything wrong with the old system (except for AOL’s eagerness to refuse messages! That’s a Fairfax-Loudoun based business. Could you get them straight?) What is so advantageous about the new system? (No need to answer that last question. You have enough to do! And I do THANK YOU for trying!

  7. Mark Quigley says :

    Hi, I like the new alert system, so first off…nice work. One option I would love to see added is when I add a phone number to the system to select whether I’d like texts or calls. Right now, when an alert comes through I receive an email, a text and a phone call. I really don’t need all of those and would love to turn off the phone call. This is especially annoying at 3 AM. 😉

    Is there a way to set it up to just receive texts on my phone?

    • Fairfax County Emergency Information says :

      Hi Mr. Quigley,

      We are working with our vendor to provide additional options when signing up for the alerting system.

      One tip would be to set quiet periods on the alerts through the login portal. This will prevent calls during a certain timeframe. Also, just for your information, the confirmation feature allows you to confirm the message and the notifications will discontinue alerting your other devices.

      I hope this helps.