Coming Soon: A New Alerting System for Fairfax County

Posted at 2 p.m.

Many of you have heard of and are currently signed up for emergency alerts from CEAN — the Community Emergency Alert Network.

In this video, Sulayman Brown with our emergency management office, says that coming soon, the CEAN will be replaced by a new alert system called Fairfax Alerts.

Fairfax Alerts will deliver important emergency alerts, notifications and updates during a major crisis or emergency, in addition to day-to-day notices about weather and traffic. Learn more at — and stay tuned for the official launch of Fairfax Alerts coming next month.

If you are currently signed up on CEAN, you will continue to receive emergency alerts until the new system is implemented, and you will receive a notification on how to receive alerts once Fairfax Alerts is launched.


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5 responses to “Coming Soon: A New Alerting System for Fairfax County”

  1. janepodesta says :

    That link doesn’t connect to anything

  2. Anonymous says :

    that link is no good:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /alerts was not found on this server.

  3. pastorjeri says :

    Still cannot register or login.