Change Your Clocks; Check Your Supplies

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ClockWe’ve got a time change coming up this weekend. Clocks go forward one hour on Sunday, March 9, which is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time (DST).

So tonight before you go to bed, be sure to change your clocks — move them forward one hour — but also use DST event to take just a little bit of time to be better prepared for emergencies in your home and our community.

  • Change the batteries in your smoke alarms. It only takes a couple of minutes to change your batteries, so this is an easy “to do” item — just be sure you go to the store today and grab some fresh batteries if you don’t already have some on hand.
  • Update the supplies in your emergency supply kits — at home, the office and in your car. With the recent snow you may have used some bottled water or the granola bars, so take a couple of minutes and inventory your supplies. Then while you’re at the store picking up those batteries (see above), get those items you need to keep your emergency kits fully stock.

Learn more about Daylight Saving Time from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

For more on emergency preparedness and making an emergency kit, contact our emergency management office at 571-350-1000, TTY 711.

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