5 Things to Know This Morning

The snow storm is over! But there is a lot of snow and ice on the roads, parking lots and walkways.  Here are five tips to help you this morning:

1. Practice common sense. Remember that your car cannot start, stop or turn as quickly and surely on snow or ice as it does on dry pavement, so think and drive accordingly.

2. Be very cautious driving and walking in parking lots. There will be large mounds of snow impacting visibility and a lot of icy surfaces from melted and compacted snow.

3. Be aware that with the large amount of snow that was plowed, driving lanes may “disappear” and you may experience sudden lane changes.

4. Remember to remove all ice and snow from your vehicle before driving, especially from the hood, windows and roof. Snow flying off your hood, especially at high speeds, can be dangerous to the drivers behind you.

5. If your car gets stuck in snow, check your car manual for tips on how to safely get unstuck. A general rule of thumb is that you should turn your wheels from side to side a few times to push snow out of the way. Keep a light touch on the gas, and ease forward. Don’t spin you wheels – you’ll just dig in deeper. Shift from forward to reverse, and back again. Each time you’re in gear, give a light touch on the gas until the vehicle gets going.  It is always a good idea to keep a bag of sand or kitty litter in your trunk during the winter. You can sprinkle the sand/litter around your stuck tires to get traction.