VDOT: Travel Conditions Remain Hazardous; Stay Off Roads

Posted 12:40 p.m.

From our friends at the Virginia Department of Transportation:

The Virginia Department of Transportation continues to advise motorists to stay off roads in Northern Virginia today. Snow, sleet and refreeze throughout the afternoon will cause a wide range of road conditions. 4,000 trucks are making headway plowing interstates, major roads and neighborhood streets simultaneously.

“We urge drivers to stay off roads while conditions are still changing,” said Branco Vlacich, VDOT’s Northern Virginia district maintenance engineer. “It is imperative to the safety of drivers as well as our snow crews.”

On the roads:

  • Interstates are mostly clear and wet. Primary roads are partially clear with some lanes open, and many secondary roads remain snow-covered. Roads that appear to be bare pavement may become slick from sleet and refreeze.
  • If stranded, keep vehicle lights on and avoid getting out of your vehicle. Call #77 (Virginia State Police) who will dispatch VDOT Safety Service Patrol. Call 911 in case of an emergency.

In neighborhoods:

  • Residents can enter their address at www.vdotplows.org to see the status of plowing in their neighborhood and watch trucks as they travel their plow routes.
  • Crews will plow streets and sand hills, curves and intersections to provide traction. With this deep snow, roads will have an eight-to-ten foot path but not bare pavement.
  • Keep vehicles in driveways or on the odd-numbered side of the street to allow plows room to pass.
  • Wait until plow passes. When shoveling, leave the last few feet at the curb until the street is plowed. as the truck will push some snow back. Shovel to the right facing the road.

Stay informed:

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4 responses to “VDOT: Travel Conditions Remain Hazardous; Stay Off Roads”

  1. Rosemary Reed, 3041 Dashiell Rd, Falls Church (fairfax county) says :

    We are on a small section of Dashiell Rd, cut off from the rest but connected to Annandale rd, and my husband says that the plows have plowed the rest of Dashiell and they have not yet come down our road. !! Why not, if you please??

  2. Christina says :

    Plowman of the truck #55837 (I believe that’s the number that was on the truck) in Annandale, first approached really closely to my 2 sister in laws digging out their car on the street. Too close for my comfort (from my angle) as I walking down to them. Then, uses the city/county’s plow to dig HIS car out, parking the plow on the wrong side of the street on a curve until his car was able to fully escape the parking spot. When he came back down the road, he was going way too fast, especially with the fact that people up & down the road on both sides were on the streets digging out their cars. Everyone who has been clearing the roads have been working long hours doing a great job, but I felt this was inappropriate & definitely unsafe to all.