Keep Emergency Routes Clear of Vehicles

Posted 11:28 a.m.

Fairfax County’s emergency routes need to be open for first responders and snow removal efforts. If your vehicle is on one of these routes, please remove it ASAP.

If you’ve shoveled out your car, do NOT park it on an emergency route today or in the days to come.

The Fairfax County Police Department has authority to remove any vehicle that is stalled, stuck, parked or abandoned on an emergency route. The owner or operator of a vehicle that is moved will be responsible for the towing fee, as well as a fine.

List of Emergency Routes

Rt. 1 Yes Richmond Highway
Rt. 7 Yes Leesburg Pike
Rt. 28 Yes Sully Road
Rt. 29 Yes Lee Highway
Rt. 50 Yes Lee-Jackson Memorial Highway/Arlington Boulevard
Rt. 66 Yes Interstate
Rt. 95 Yes Interstate
Rt. 123 Yes Ox Road/Chain Bridge Road/Dolly Madison Boulevard
Rt. 193 Yes Georgetown Pike
Rt. 228 Dranesville Road (Rt. 7-Town of Herndon)
Rt. 235 Yes Mount Vernon Highway/Mount Vernon Memorial Highway
Rt. 236 Yes Little River Turnpike
Rt. 241 Yes North King’s Highway/Telegraph Road
Rt. 242 Gunston Road (River Rd.-Rt. 1)
Rt. 243 Nutley Street (Rt. 29-Town of Vienna)
Rt. 244 Yes Columbia Pike
Rt. 267 Yes Dulles Toll Road
Rt. 286 Yes Fairfax County Parkway
Rt. 289 Yes Franconia-Springfield Parkway
Rt. 309 Old Dominion Drive (Georgetown Pike-Rt. 123)
Rt. 395 Yes Interstate
Rt. 602 Yes Reston Parkway/Lawyers Road (Rt. 7-West Ox Road)
Rt. 606 Yes Baron Cameron Avenue (Rt. 7-Town of Herndon)
Rt. 608 West Ox Road (Rt. 29-Centreville Road)
Rt. 611 Yes Telegraph Road (Rt. 1-City of Alexandria)
Rt. 613 Yes Beulah Street/Van Dorn Street/Lincolnia Road/Sleepy Hollow Road/Wilson Boulevard
Rt. 617 Yes Backlick Road
Rt. 618 Yes Woodlawn Road
Rt. 620 Yes Braddock Road
Rt. 623 Yes Old Mount Vernon (Rt. 235-Rt. 235 loopback)
Rt. 626 Yes Sherwood Hall Lane
Rt. 628 Yes Parkers Lane/Collingwood Road
Rt. 629 Fort Hunt Road/Vernon View
Rt. 633 Yes South King’s Highway
Rt. 635 Hayfield Road (Franconia Springfield Parkway-Telegraph Road)
Rt. 636 Hooes Road (Fairfax County Parkway-Rt. 123)
Rt. 637 Newington Road (Telegraph Road-Loisdale Road)
Rt. 638 Yes Rolling Road (Rt. 95-Braddock Road)
Rt. 640 Yes Sydenstricker Road
Rt. 642 Yes Lorton Road (Rt. 123-Rt. 1)
Rt. 643 Yes Lee Chapel Road/Burke Center Parkway (Fairfax County Parkway south-Fairfax County Parkway north)
Rt. 644 Yes Franconia Road/Old Keene Mill Road
Rt. 645 Burke Lake Road/Clifton Road/Stringfellow Road (Braddock Rd.-Town of Clifton; Town of Clifton-Rt. 29; Rt. 29-Rt. 50; Rt. 50-Fairfax County Parkway)
Rt. 648 Yes Edsall Road
Rt. 649 Yes Annandale Road/Hummer Road/Ravensworth Road (City of Falls Church-Rt. 236)
Rt. 650 Yes Gallows Road/Annandale Road (Rt. 7-Rt. 236)
Rt. 652 Burke Road (Burke Lake Road-Rolling Road)
Rt. 655 Yes Shirley Gate Road
Rt. 657 Yes Centreville Road
Rt. 659 Union Mill Road (Rt. 620-Rt. 658; Rt. 29-New Braddock Road)
Rt. 662 Stone Road (Rt. 29-Braddock Road)
Rt. 665 Waples Mill Road/Fox Mill Road (Rt. 50-Rt. 657)
Rt. 673 Lawyers Road (Fox Mill Road-Town of Vienna)
Rt. 674 Yes Hunter Mill Road
Rt. 675 Yes Sunset Hills Road (Hunter Mill Rd.-Town of Herndon)
Rt. 699 Prosperity Avenue (Rt. 236-Rt. 29)
Rt. 703 Shreve Road/Haycock Road (Rt. 29-Westmoreland Street)
Rt. 710 Yes Wakefield Chapel Road
Rt. 738 Yes Old Dominion Drive (Rt. 123-Arlington County Line)
Rt. 744 Hilltop Road (Rt. 29-Prosperity Avenue)
Rt. 790 Alban Road (Rolling Rd.-Backlick)
Rt. 828 Wiehle Avenue (Reston Parkway-Sunrise Valley Dr.)
Rt. 1332 Huntington Avenue (Rt. 1-Telegraph Road)
Rt. 1510 Yes Beacon Hill Road/Belle View Boulevard
Rt. 2677 Frontier Drive (Franconia/Springfield Parkway-Franconia Road)
Rt. 4605 Yes Dorr Avenue
Rt. 5320 Sunrise Valley Drive
Rt. 5329 Yes South Lakes Drive
Rt. 5576 Yes Hilary Road
Rt. 6066 Yes Prosperity Avenue
Rt. 6197 Roberts Parkway (Burke Center Parkway-Guinea Road)
Rt. 6751 Monument Drive (West Ox Road-Government Center Parkway)
Rt. 7436 Government Center Parkway (Monument Drive-Forum Drive)
Rt. 7437 Yes Forum Drive
Rt. 7700 Yes Fair Lakes Parkway
Rt. 7783 New Braddock Road (Rt. 28-Union Mill Road)

About Fairfax County Emergency Information

Official emergency information about preparedness, response and recovery from Fairfax County Government.

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