County Encourages Preparedness Before Big Snow Storm

Posted at 3:30 p.m.

David McKernan, emergency management coordinator, encourages residents to get where they need to be before the worst of the approaching snow storm. He adds that Fairfax County agencies have been preparing and he offers several tips for residents to brace for the storm.


You also are reminded also that the Virginia Department of Transportation is responsible for plowing of roads in the county. VDOT has created a snow plow map where you can follow plowing progress as well as a road conditions map. If you see any issues or problems on area roadways, you are encouraged to call 1-800-FOR-ROAD to report any road issues to VDOT.

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6 responses to “County Encourages Preparedness Before Big Snow Storm”

  1. Anonymous says :

    We need clear cut leadership. Leaders that have enough guts to come out and say, we are closing due to safety of our employees and residents. Not like the politicians in Georgia that left people stranded on highways and bye ways.

  2. Anonymous says :

    In a land of no good politicians, they hide behind unscheduled leave, how about the courage to lead

  3. Anonymous says :

    As a supervisor/manager, I have been a named “inclement weather” staff — while others get to take leave, I have to risk my life. Each time that I get on the road, I am extremely nervous. What is the urgency and emergency to be open during unsafe weather? The “emergency” is to protect staff, but should also include protecting all residents and staff of Fairfax County.

    • Anonymous says :

      You took that job knowing you were essential personnel. No sense complaining about it now.

      • Anonymous says :

        Most of are not essential and still need to be there because they want at least someone in the office

  4. Anonymous says :

    You being a Supervisor/Manager receives a big fat chunk of monthy salary from the taxes we pay to Fairfax County, unfortunately the rest of the staff who are paid low or S Grade levels donot have such previleges. Our Fairfax County should consider providing safety, protection to our FCPS children first, they should declare schools close Feb 13, Wednesday. We cannot risk sending our children to schools. Many schools don’t have adequate heating systems. Today when it is freezing to death, many schools sent the children outside for recess.