Winter Weather Could Cause Trash/Recycling Collection Delays

Fairfax County residents should contact their trash and recycling collector directly for service schedule changes due to yesterday’s snow.

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4 responses to “Winter Weather Could Cause Trash/Recycling Collection Delays”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Mostly cloudy and cold with a couple of snow showers; extreme cold can be dangerous in the morning is the weather forecast for Jan-23,Thursday, which is extremely dangerous for Elementary / Middle / High School students to stand at Bus Stop, it is better to close or delay Fairfax County Public Schools. Extend a make up day on Teachers work day this year.

    • Anonymous says :

      I totally agree with that. The kids have to be safe, why risk them.
      There should at least be a delay on Thursday Jan 23.
      On Accuweather, it says that it is poor in the bus stops. It’s fair all throughout next week. Check this site for more details:
      Copy and paste the link.

      We should be on the safer side, so close or delay the school on Thursday jan. 23.
      Friday and throughout next week would be good. The Fcps main people should make the decisions wisely. I want the schools to be closed. If that is too much, make it at least a delay.

  2. Anonymous says :


    I totally agree with that.