Fairfax County Government Open With Unscheduled Leave on Jan. 22

Government, Schools and Courts

  • Fairfax County Government offices will be open on Wednesday, Jan. 22, however employees have been granted unscheduled leave. Emergency service personnel should report as scheduled.
  • Fairfax County Public Schools will be closed on Jan. 22. School Age Child Care (SACC) centers will be closed.
  • The Fairfax County Circuit Court, General District Court and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court have not yet made a decision on operating status.

Parks, Community and Recreation and Community Centers

  • If you have questions about Park Authority facilities, contact the site directly, call the Parks inclement weather line at 703-324-8661, TTY 711, or visit www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks.
  • For Department of Neighborhood and Community Services programs and events visit www.fairfaxcounty.gov/ncs or call 703-324-4600, TTY 711.
  • The Reston Community Center and the McLean Community Center may be affected by the inclement weather. Call RCC at 703-476-4500, TTY 711, www.restoncommunitycenter.com or MCC at 703-790-0123, TTY 711, www.mcleancenter.org for their current operating status.

Transportation: Connector, Fastran

Public Assistance Lobbies/SkillSource

The Department of Family Services employment/SkillSource centers and public assistance lobbies may be affected by inclement weather.  Call 703-324-7500, TTY 711, for the current operating status.


  • Library hours may be affected; call your local branch before visiting. For branch phone numbers, call 703-324-3100 or go to www.fairfaxcounty.gov/library.

View the public meetings calendar at for any potential cancellations of public meetings of Fairfax County government Boards, Authorities or Commissions.

30 responses to “Fairfax County Government Open With Unscheduled Leave on Jan. 22”

  1. Anonymous says :

    The roads are going to be so bad tomorrow, you all are not considering safety of people.

  2. Edward Rice says :

    Is this some new, incompatible e-mail format?

  3. Anonymous says :

    Completely ridiculous! Roads near me not treated at all. Please take care of your employees better.

  4. Anonymous says :

    This is pretty irresponsible, Fairfax County. There are massive backups in snowplowing in residential areas in the DMV, and freezing temperatures through the teens throughout the morning. You are endangering lives.

  5. Marty says :

    You all need to quit your whining and get to bed…it’s a work night. You’ve had plenty of “snow” days and even a cold day off! It’s winter. Get over it and do some work. You all sound like 1st graders.

    • nope says :

      We haven’t had any snow days or cold days. The schools have.

    • Anonymous says :

      Its about safety. The roads wont be safe and it will be a hassle to clean around the car and then take forever to drive to work.

    • Anonymous says :

      Look Marty. We will get to bed when we get to bed. Perhaps if we had the luxury of sitting on our ass all day like you, we wouldn’t be whining. Ffx county employees deliver great customer service and quality resources, take your ass across the bridge to pg county and see what you get.

      • Marty says :

        I go to my office and do my job just like any other day. If you’re so concerned about your safety then use your head and just stay home. No need to complain about it.

        ….and the world keeps turning.

  6. Anonymous says :

    I am really disgusted at how County employees are treated! Our roads are not even plowed; who wants to drive on ice? It is going to be a mess in the morning, not even a delayed opening. Really disgusting!

  7. Anonymous says :

    This is pretty irresponsible, Fairfax County. There are massive backups in snowplowing in residential areas in the DMV, and freezing temperatures through the teens throughout the morning. You are endangering lives!

  8. Anonymous says :

    Lol. I think I know who wrote this. Lol. Bp ??

  9. Waiting says :

    I am uncomfortable driving tomorrow and my boss doesn’t care about unscheduled leave. I am not essential personnel. She still expects me to come in. Something is wrong here about this.

  10. Anonymous says :

    Fairfax county cares about nothing but the all mighty dollar. People are replaceable to them. I’m sure the roads will be awful tomorrow.

  11. Mark G. says :

    Wow for a minute I thought I was on the schools web site with the amount of complaining here. Really you’re begging for snow days as adults? As though it only snows in Fairfax County and nowhere else? Or if it does snow (say 5 inches) then whole metropolises and cities and towns and villages come to a halt? Every last business is closed? Really? Reality check us non government employees go to work because we don’t clamor for snow days like children. Go clean your car/ driveway and get to work. Starbucks won’t be closed tomorrow. Neither will Safeway. Nor Macys. Stop complaining and go to work. You’re giving yourselves a bad name.

    • your mother says :

      Even the supermarkets shut down early today.. maybe if we didn’t have to deal with people like you all day our job would be more desirable… I have no problem going to work.. whatever the condition.. but thank you for closing the schools and expecting us to have a babysitter available or wanting to spend our leave on a snow day with our children as opposed to enjoying it with them on vacation.. like every American is entitled to.. but thank you Mark for pointing out that we are not children.. I forgot for a moment while I was planning where my children will be.. ass

      • Marty says :

        You act as if your children have never had a snow day before. It’s not everyone else’s fault that you can’t plan ahead. You do know that winter comes annually? It’s been doing that for some time now.

        • your mother says :

          Winter does come annually.. that doesn’t change the fact that finding and paying a sitter every time they get a snow day, and we don’t, is simply just not feasible for all of us.. inconsiderate jack ass just like the county exec.. just cause hes making a $187k a year and can do whatever on a whim doesn’t mean that those that are making less than $50k.. which is most.. can say screw it lets not pay some bills so we can get a sitter since it’s necessary to operate while schools and most likely courts are closed..

        • Marty says :

          My office policy regarding tomorrow’s weather conditions are the same as Fairfax County’s. Why don’t you put your big boy/girl pants on and just be a responsible adult? This is your job. The job that you voluntarily accepted. If you all can’t take that then just move on to some other company that will pay you to stay at home while you do NOTHING but watch the snow fall out your window.

          I don’t need to put myself in every other person’s shoes. If you follow your own suggestion then maybe you’d realize that there are people with much bigger problems than having to use a day of leave to watch their kid.

        • Anonymous says :

          Marty, why don’t you move back to the North where no one EVER has a problem with the snow?

  12. your mother says :

    Schools are closed..but our children can watch themselves, right.. Hate Fairfax County! Never recognized for your work.. crappy pay.. never considered.. definitely searching for a new job!

  13. Anonymous says :

    The news talking about how messy the roads are, how they will freeze overnight and how people should stay off the street so why not give a delay or close. Think of those who cannot take unscheduled leave

  14. Anonymous says :

    I am a contractor with the county and I do not have the option of taking unscheduled leave. If one person from the county goes in I have to come in as well. I provide a very necessary service to many community members. It would be nice to do thought of as well. I cannot take an unscheduled leave day without being reprimanded by my company. I think it’s awful that my safety does not matter. Today’s commute was not bad and I do not usually mind driving in bad weather, I also have children at home, but I worried about the morning commute

  15. Anonymous says :

    This is ridiculous. Residential streets are not anywhere close to being plowed. you can count on multiple employees getting stuck, or perhaps even in accidents. time to be a little more responsible and think about the safety of others.

  16. Greg says :

    Okay they are “bush league”

  17. b2 says :

    Wow…this is ugly. I’m a County employee and while I’m not thrilled to be working, I accept that the County is open. I have the same option as everyone else to use my leave if I need to stay home. I don’t think any local government in the region is closed today. Quit whining and be happy you have a job.

  18. Anonymous says :

    DFS Lobby, 2nd Floor, Dept of Family Sevices, Pennino building is closed Wednesday 1/22/14. Sign on the door says closed due to inclement weather.

  19. Anonymous says :

    Public Assistance Lobbie Fairfax Office is closed 1/22/14!

    The Department of Family Services employment/SkillSource centers and public assistance lobbies may be affected by inclement weather. Call 703-324-7500, TTY 711, for the current operating status
    Please call and don’t drive in – Fairfax Office on the 2nd floor is closed 1/22/14!