Preparedness Song Helps Make the Message Stick

Posted at 11:50 a.m.

Preparedness is sometimes a tricky topic to talk about. In 2013, some new ways to express the importance of preparedness were produced and we’re sharing three of our favorites this week, beginning with this video.

From gearing up for the zombie apocalypse to a flash mob encouraging readiness, promoting public preparedness has taken numerous creative forms. And now emergency managers in Virginia are getting vocal – by turning popular songs into catchy messages about what to include in an emergency kit and other useful information.

Tanya Ferraro, medical reserve corps coordinator for two health districts in southwest Virginia, and Keith Dowler, regional health-care coordination center manager for the Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance, came up with the idea to turn popular songs into messages about preparedness over lunch before Thanksgiving.

Ferraro said an hour later they had written the lyrics and recorded the video, which was soon posted on YouTube. “I am a big fan of using social media to engage people and teach people about disasters and make it interesting,” she said.

To read the lyrics, visit the YouTube page with the video.

Reprinted from the Emergency Management website.

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