Fairfax County Government Radio is Live Online

Streaming Live 24/7 to Keep You in Touch with Fairfax County

Posted at 1:30 p.m.

Fairfax County Government RadioAfter the June 2012 Derecho storm, we conducted a community survey about communications. Nearly 6,000 respondents answered questions and generated nearly 18,000 individual comments, which provided us with some great insight for communications during future emergencies. For example, the second highest ranked way to access emergency information was radio, only behind mobile devices.

In the feedback provided, it also was suggested by many respondents that we create our own radio station that we program ourselves, so you don’t have to wait for commercial stations to get around to sharing Fairfax County-specific messages.

So, as an after action, we have created our own Fairfax County Government radio station, an online Internet station that will be programmed and run by the Office of Public Affairs.

One day we hope to fulfill our complete audio vision of public information by fully utilizing the 1670 AM radio spectrum we currently own and producing even more audio content for the county’s SoundCloud account. For now, we’re excited to be able to provide this Internet station. You can listen online as well as on your mobile device, meaning that you’ll be able to hear Fairfax County Government Radio 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in multiple ways anywhere you may be.

And during emergencies, we will use the station to share important emergency information in an audio format, the same way we currently use other platforms — like this blog as well as our emergency alert system where you can get emergency alerts by both text and email.

The station is now live and we hope that you will tune in and listen.

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4 responses to “Fairfax County Government Radio is Live Online”

  1. Susan A. says :

    An Internet radio station is not much use in a power outage. People may have a battery radio or crank radio at home. But if they have no power, they can’t use their PCs. Cox Internet will likely also be non-functioning during a power outage. Your Internet radio station will be of limited use.
    If Fairfax County already owns a real radio station, USE IT FOR EMERGENCIES!!!

  2. vpregano@aol.com says :


    If we do get a storm and loose electricity, how could we log on to the internet from our computers? Not everyone has an Iphone to log on to the Internet. Better to provide information on a radio so that battery operated radios may be used.

    Virginia Pregano

    • Arthur H. Fredrickson says :

      The answer seems to be to have multiple ways of communicating. Rarely does the entire county lose electricity but some sections may. Most people have an emergency (battery powered) radio in their home as the County and other agencies have been recommending. Also, a car radio may be handy. Yes, internet service companies may be ‘down’ at times, but it is unlikely that all outlets will be down.

  3. Nicholas Sabalos (@nicholassabalos) says :

    Would be helpful if you could get this station listed on mobile apps like TuneIn Radio (avaliable on Android, iOS and Windows Phones). This would allow a huge number of folks to receive emergency info via their mobile phones….especially if power is lost.