Supervisors Participate in Homeland Security Seminar

Sharon Bulova and Ed Long - BOS Seminar on July 2, 2013

Sharon Bulova (center), chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and Ed Long (right), county executive, at today’s Board of Supervisors Homeland Security Seminar.

Posted at 3 p.m.

Today, our elected Board of Supervisors participated in a Homeland Security executive education seminar. The event, led by the Center for Homeland Defense and Security, provided the supervisors the opportunity to discuss issues and concerns around emergency preparedness and response, and they worked through an exercise scenario based on last June’s derecho storm that impacted Fairfax County.

Emergency Management Coordinator Dave McKernan was among senior county staff that participated with the board. He noted that today’s event was a great opportunity for the board and senior staff to work through an emergency scenario, raise concerns and issues and make sure that the county as a whole is prepared to respond to emergency events as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Last year’s derecho caused numerous issues for our government and residents. Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova said today’s seminar — based on that derecho — was a valuable exercise for board members and their staffs, senior leadership and emergency management professionals to understand the various roles each have during times of crisis in our community.


We invite you to read our blog post from last week, “Derecho – One Year Later” so you can learn what we’ve done, what we heard from you and what you can do to prepare.

For emergency preparedness information, visit You are also encouraged to sign up for emergency alerts that can be delivered to your email and cellphone, including text messages.

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