Video: Hurricane Sales Tax Holiday, May 25-31

Posted: 10 a.m.

The Atlantic Hurricane season starts June 1. To get prepared, and to save money, our emergency management officials encourage you to take advantage of the statewide hurricane sales tax holiday.

Shop May 25-31, during the sales tax holiday, and you won’t pay sales tax on supplies for protecting your home and business.

Check out the video below for details on what you should put in your emergency kit — and what’s eligible for tax savings.

For more, visit the Virginia Department of Emergency Management or the hurricane sales tax holiday page from the Virginia Department of Taxation.


2 responses to “Video: Hurricane Sales Tax Holiday, May 25-31”

  1. Elisa says :

    Does this mean that there’s no sales tax 5/25-31 on bottled water and batteries, any sizes? Where do you find the list of tax-exempt items?