Tornado Tips Included in May “Emergency Preparedness” Newsletter

Posted at 1:45 p.m.

This month’s issue of the “Emergency Preparedness” newsletter, published by our Office of Emergency Management is available online.

May "Emergency Preparedness" newsletter

May “Emergency Preparedness” newsletter

Among the topics covered in this issue is the upcoming statewide Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday, May 25-31, which is a great time to stock up on emergency supplies and save money at the same time. Also featured is information about the new Wireless Emergency Alerts now available in Fairfax County and the region; being financially prepared for emergencies and ready for disasters at any age; what to do in weather emergencies; roadside tornado safety; being tech ready and much more.

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One response to “Tornado Tips Included in May “Emergency Preparedness” Newsletter”

  1. Alex says :

    I was looking at a previous article about the statewide tornado drill and the county said that sirens were not useful and unneeded. I disagree. Federal Signal makes electronic sirens with live and recorded voice capability, so you can give instructions on how to react to the warning.
    The Federal Signal Modulator is one example. It is omnidirectional and voice compatible. It also has many siren tones that come with it. Federal signal optimizes indoor and outdoor warning by using its warning software so it can tap into buildings speakers. The newest model of the Modulator has can project sound at 70 decibels at over 4000 feet away, making it easily audible indoors.

    Email me for more information