Have a Heart Condition? Please Be Careful With Snow Removal

Posted 9:55 a.m.

snow-shovelWe can’t stress the following information enough because the snow that’s expected to fall will be very heavy and wet. In addition to the weight of the snow, cold weather puts an extra strain on the heart. If you have heart disease or high blood pressure, follow your doctor’s advice about shoveling snow or performing other hard work in the cold. Otherwise, if you have to do heavy outdoor chores dress warmly and work slowly. Remember, your body is already working hard just to stay warm, so don’t overdo it.

While some heart attacks are sudden and intense, many heart attacks start slowly with mild pain or discomfort. If you or someone you are with begins to have chest discomfort, especially with one or more of the other signs of a heart attack, call 9-1-1 right away.

If you have family members or neighbors with heart conditions, remind them of this information; try to find someone to help remove the snow.

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9 responses to “Have a Heart Condition? Please Be Careful With Snow Removal”

  1. Anonymous says :

    When is the Fairfax County government going to close for the day and send people home? This storm is only getting worse!

  2. Christine Alvarez says :

    Check out ffx county getting the word out! Bravo

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  3. Jo says :

    why didn’t they pick up the trash this morning??? Now the weather is getting worse and the trash is still on the streets. And the employees reported for work??

  4. Anonymous says :

    I am in disbelief that Fairfax county has not closed down. The storm is merely getting worse along with the roads and driving conditions. Open up your eyes Fairfax County!

  5. Mary Fletcher Jones says :

    This is GOOD advice. It is pure slush out there. I just tried pushing the snow off the path and that was hard. Lifting, no way.

  6. Anonymous says :

    Is Fairfax county not going to close today? This is insane. I can’t believe they are expecting us to drive home safely in this storm.

  7. anonymous says :

    I can’t believe the Fed. govt./surrounding counties are closed but Fairfax county isn’t? How do they expect us to drive home safely with these dangerous road conditions. Whoever made this decision is insane.