County Operating Status for March 6

Updated 5:22 a.m. // Posted 4:31 a.m.

County and School Status

  • Fairfax County Government offices are open today, Wednesday, March 6, however employees have been granted unscheduled leave. Emergency service personnel should report as scheduled.
    • NOTE: Employees should use best judgment if deciding to drive in. Conditions will deteriorate throughout the day. Personal leave will need to be used.
  • Fairfax County Public Schools are closed today. School Age Child Care (SACC) centers are closed.
  • The Fairfax County Circuit Court, General District Court and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court are closed today.

 Parks, Community and Recreation and Community Centers

  • If you have questions about Park Authority facilities, contact the site directly, call the Parks inclement weather line at 703-324-8661, TTY 711, or visit
  • For Department of Neighborhood and Community Services programs and events visit or call 703-324-4600, TTY 711.
  • The Reston Community Center and the McLean Community Center may be affected by the inclement weather. Call RCC at 703-476-4500, TTY 711, or MCC at 703-790-0123, TTY 711, for their current operating status.

 Transportation: Connector, Fastran


  • Library hours may be affected; call your local branch before visiting. For branch phone numbers, call 703-324-3100 or go to

View the public meetings calendar at for any potential cancellations of public meetings of Fairfax County government Boards, Authorities or Commissions.

About Fairfax County Emergency Information

Official emergency information about preparedness, response and recovery from Fairfax County Government.

40 responses to “County Operating Status for March 6”

  1. Christina Machion Quilaqueo says :

    Lol. I am up to see

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  2. Anonymous says :

    Wow! That’s too bad even the Federal Government is closed today.

  3. Anonymous says :

    Saves the County money if they don’t close.

  4. Anonymous says :

    they post at 3 we’re getting 8-10 inches & at 4 that they’re open?!

  5. Anonymous says :

    Nice for the highly paid managers, they get to “work” from home today, so they don’t have to use leave. But the peons that actually do the work, have to use leave or risk their lives on snowy roads. Feds are closed, but the County is open for folks needing to get their dog licenses.

  6. Anonymous says :

    Montgomery county gov closed. Is there a chance of reversal

  7. Anonymous says :

    Ffx circuit court closed.

  8. Anonymous says :

    This is ridiculous! Clearly the county is more concerned about the $ than the employees. Staying open ensures emergency personnel don’t have to be paid overtime.

  9. Anonymous says :

    This is ridiculous! Surely you all can spare one freaken day…..

  10. Anonymous says :

    You have to be a MORON to have people go to work with such a bad weather forecast as it is for today!

  11. Anonymous says :

    Disappointing to be a County employee today…there is no concern for employees safety.

  12. Anonymous says :

    just got off of 495, Tysons Corner, Fairfax and North Springfield. Roads are fine. Get to Work!

  13. Matias says :

    Hi, I have my first appointment at 7:45am at the ASAP Office at 10640 page ave suite 400! Im so lost in weather it’s closed or not? Do I still go or is it closed? I called the number but Noone answered it says there operating hours are start at 7:30 am someone please help?

  14. Anonymous says :

    Can’t afford to live in Fairfax based on how much the county pays me!!!

  15. Anonymous says :

    NOTE: Employees should use best judgment if deciding to drive in. Conditions will deteriorate throughout the day. Personal leave will need to be used.

    This is my favorite line… “We know it’s only going to get worse, so please decide whether you value your life, because if you do, we’re going to penalize you in the name of saving a buck. If you can’t afford to take leave, hope you don’t crash on the way in to work, because we stil need you provide services to everyone, even though they’re going to be bundled up, riding out the storm at home. “

  16. PJ says :

    Horrible, dangerous decision.

  17. Anonymous says :

    Idiotic decision!

  18. Anonymous says :

    This is a rain event for most people. Roads are fine! Stop the whining please. When you get on the roads you’ll be wondering why the Fed closed. Believe me. Geezz

  19. Anonymous says :

    Courts, DMV, Schools are all close but not the gov. Besides the fact that VDOT issued a statement that they deploying more than 4000 trucks to treat the roads and urging driver to stay off the road for safety and to have have other emergency effectively do their job.

  20. Anonymous says :

    It’s only going to get worse and I remember being stuck coming home for 4 hours…the County wasn’t concerned about the employees then either.

  21. Steve in Reston says :

    Channel 7 says “County Offices are closed today & weather personnel are not to report.” They’re expecting 8 to 12 inches in Reston.

  22. Anonymous says :

    Epic fail Fairfax! Don’t you watch the news?!

  23. Jimmy says :

    The worst of the storm isn’t even here, there’s five inches of snow on the ground, and Fairfax government is open. The decision makers on this are displaying their usual lack of concern for employees.

  24. Anonymous says :

    Due to the fact that weather conditions are to grow worse over the course of the day, is there any possibility the county will close early?

  25. Anonymous says :

    No one has left my neighborhood and it is snowing and county is open….I’m confused. I’m scared to drive in these conditions going back home.

  26. Anonymous says :

    Roads are not going to be fine in a few hours. The “real” storm hasn’t hit yet. I am stunned at this decision to stay open. It is unconscionable.

  27. Tyler Anger says :

    The Fairfax County Government is being short-sighted? I’m shocked!

    Dullards (FCG)- its not about now, it’s about how much worse it WILL get in the afternoon and commute home.

    I know its difficult to plan, organize and execute decisions that impact lives, thats why you work for county government right?

  28. Anonymous says :

    Aren’t half the cars around here SUV’s

    • Too many yuppies says :

      Leased entry-level luxury SUVs. Must keep up with the Joneses even if you don’t really make a lot of money. If you drive a vehicle that stickered less than $30k, you are poor and a failure at life. Even high schoolers drive around in Acura TLs and Audi A4s. That’s the superficial, materialistic NOVA way.

  29. brain dead says :

    How does it cost the County anything to shut down? I always hear this statement and it just does not make sense. Workers are paid with tax dollars. They don’t produce anything, build anything or have a quota to fill. Unlike a factory that actually produces a product a shut down there would back up production and would be a revenue negative day. You have to pay County employee’s anyway. Why risk their well being with the false statement that it cost the government money to shut down. I guess if they work all day like the rest of us in the private sector and it takes all of us 4 hours to get home after all the snow falls what difference does it make to the County Government. After all they don’t get paid to drive home after spending hours of there own time doing so. A few less cars on the road would be nice for the rest of us who have to work. If the Federal Government shuts down so should the local governments

  30. Sue Petermann says :

    This decision costs OTHER EMPLOYEES money too! Our company is open if the local government is open – It is NOT safe to drive today – This is a VERY BAD decision! NEEDS to officially close at NOON – so we can save some of our vacation hours for actual vacation

    • Anon says :

      I work for one of those companies that follows the lead of FFX County Gov’t. It sucks on a day like today.

      • Anonymous says :

        Cry me a river. Unless you are essential personnel and you knew that when you were hired with the County, get over it! Take your leave and go tell someone who cares – maybe your mommy. Boo hoo.