County Government Closing at Noon

Posted 10:41 a.m.

Fairfax County Government offices and services will close at noon today. Emergency personnel are still required to report for duty. Libraries will be closing at 11 a.m.

Most public meetings have been cancelled for this evening. School activities are cancelled the rest of the day. Courts are also closed.

About Fairfax County Emergency Information

Official emergency information about preparedness, response and recovery from Fairfax County Government.

18 responses to “County Government Closing at Noon”

  1. anonymous says :

    finally geez.

  2. Anonymous says :

    As it should have been, all day.

  3. Anonymous says :

    The only reason this didn’t happen sooner is because they didn’t want to pay…especially emergency personnel….I love that the county puts the safety of its employees last….just like it has stopped investing in them….

  4. Anonymous says :

    And what were you trying to prove by staying open in the first place, hm?

  5. Anonymous says :

    Crazy. Shouldn’t have taken this long. What was the point of going to work for four hours? Was that really necessary?

  6. john says :

    why did they open to begin with. Didnt anyone listen to the weather report. At least all the other jurisdictions had common sense.

    • Anonymous says :

      Seriously? As a county employee who went in for the morning, it wasn’t that bad and I was able to help residents who needed assistance this morning. The roads were not bad (slushy and lots of plows out). Reading all these comments makes it sound like county employees are a bunch of whiney wusses (which is not the case for the majority). You had the option of taking unscheduled leave – stop the whining (unless of course you’re a leave abuser who doesn’t have any to spare). Staff who are essential personnel are the true heroes who work without complaint. And if you don’t like it, try the private sector or the federal government where you’ll be furloughed one day a week. Put it in perspective, people and quit your bellyaching. And just to make it clear, I’m not a manager or supervisor – just a long-time employee who doesn’t have much use for whiners.

      • Anonymous says :

        As a long time county employee you must be getting more than the standard 4 hrs of vacation time. You have also seen a raise or two in your time. Not everyone is that fortunate and some of the employees do not get annual. Not to mention that you can’t use sick leave for the unscheduled leave, per county policy. Let’s not forget that on top of some people not having the leave, we still have actual community based staff that have to go out to people’s house. They don’t have the luxury of staying at a residential center. There are many different county job positions with different circumstances. Don’t judge.

        • Anonymous says :

          Unscheduled leave really only applies if you’re working in the government center or don’t have to interact with public. Let’s not think that you can really stay home with unscheduled leave no matter what even if you’re not essential personnel.

      • Brian says :


  7. Anonymous says :

    Ive only been a county employee for about 6 months and I had enough leave built up to cover today. But, I went to work and shoveled public walkways – not because I’m in maintenance, but because I chose a job as a public servant. I love snow days as much as the next guy, but I will go to work if it’s safe.

    • Anonymous says :

      To clarify: my post above meant to say I shoveled County walkways used by the public. I didn’t shovel public
      sidewalks on the clock. 🙂

  8. Larry H, Fairfax says :

    <—reply to post at 1:06pm
    Considering the fact the Virginia is in a state of emergency, all the federal government agencies have, nearly all the schools have closed is a pretty good indication that Fairfax County should have closed. This is a public safety issue not a leave issue. True, the amount of snowfall today is not significant at this time but in years past when the region did not close, there were enormous amounts of traffic accidents, which in turn, caused further delays and brought the region to a standstill.

    Very few people in Fairfax County can telework, so it is not fair to force an employee to have to use a leave day. Face the facts, Fairfax residents and the region as a whole does not know how to deal with significant snowfall. Everyone panics on the road which causes traffic backups and adds to congestion and increased crashes.

    Focus on the fraud and waste in the budget instead of public safety and if the county should close.

  9. Anonymous says :

    Any idea on whether the goverment will reopen tomorrow?

  10. Brian says :

    Why the wait? You had the forecast .

    • ~Gratefully Employed says :

      Shocked when reading these posts. I don’t work for the county; but I still drove today; worked from 8:30-3pm and I had the option to work from home. The roads were wet and slushy; not icy or snowy. Road conditions have been far worse during thunderstorms. We’ve had forecasts for severe weather before and it has ended up being literally, nothing. It would be a horrible waste of tax-payer money to shut down our government for a forecast that didn’t happen.

      • Anonymous says :

        Most Fairfax County employees do not have the option of working from home. The telework policy does not allow them to telework on unscheduled days, so employees must choose between braving the roads or taking leave. Fairfax County employees, like most employed around here, commute from all over the Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland, and some even come from West Virginia, so it is difficult to say what one person’s commute will look like on any given weather day like today. Additionally, if the schools close, at least one parent generally must stay home to watch younger children, so often parents do not have a choice but to take leave. Regardless, most open county agencies do not see a large number of county residents coming in for services on bad weather days–emergency personnel tell us to stay off the roads, and most people listen if they can. Although perhaps you may have a point in saying it would be wasteful to shut down the county, it is more about how employees are treated and how this region deals with bad weather. It also is not very efficient; a lot of employees take leave on bad weather days for various reasons, so staff who do come in must cover front line areas for staff who did not come in and the staff covering rarely accomplish much on bad weather days. Since most people do not come in to the county agencies on bad weather days, it might be more wasteful to keep the buildings open to serve the public since the public is not coming in. As a county employee, if I could do unscheduled telework on bad weather days, I’d do it in a heartbeat to keep myself off the roads, out of the way of emergency personnel, and still working and providing services. I’d also love to see some sort of travel or other assistance for county employees who must come in and do not have the option of telework.