Shelters Not Open, But Pre-Identified If Necessary

Posted 9:48 a.m.

We are closely monitoring the storm. In the event that shelters are required to accommodate residents who must leave their homes for any reason, Fairfax County is prepared to open shelters. We have pre-identified the best locations for emergency shelters.  Because a shelter could be impacted by the storm and because people should not report to a shelter before it is ready, we will announce the locations if and when they open. 

Please stay informed; we will publish the locations through multiple communication channels, including CEAN text alerts, this emergency blog, social media, and the news media. If you lose power, rely on local news radio. Some shelters will allow pets. If you feel more comfortable making alternative arrangements with friends or family, please do so.

Existing Fairfax County homeless shelters are operating on a no-turn-away status.

Stay informed: 

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48 responses to “Shelters Not Open, But Pre-Identified If Necessary”

  1. Anonymous says :

    You need to fix the link for under Stay Informed. When you click on the link it points to — INSTEAD of just /

  2. Anonymous says :

    my neighbor at the corner of Canterbury and University streets in the 22307 zip has loosley piled garbage 3-4 feet high and about the length of an SUV on the curb which will be distributed all over the neighborhood in 75 mph winds. i drive a convertible so you can understand my concern. who can tell them to take this in?

    • fairfaxcounty says :

      Please call the police non-emergency number at 703-691-2131. They will dispatch someone to respond to the situation.

  3. Anonymous says :

    When will an announcement be made about government office closings for Tuesday?

  4. Rick Fischer says :

    When will an announcement be made about fairfax county government office closings for Tuesday?

  5. Todd says :

    I tried to subscribe updates to my mobile phone but the confirmation link is buried below what I can see. Please put the link at the top so we can easily confirm. Thanks

  6. Patrick Eddington (@PGEddington) says :

    Trying to understand the logic of not posting emergency shelter locations (particularly those designated for families with pets) at this point. If/when we lose power, it will be far harder for us to get the requisite information.

    • jb says :

      Seeing no immediate official response (they are pretty busy), I’ll start: That seems a reasonable request, and would enable neighborhoods to complete a Neighborhood Emergency Plan (NEP) by including the more likely shelters in the NEP ‘Resource List’ (for confidence & logistics) & Family EPs.
      However, the county seems to avoid publishing the list of its shelters for a number of reasons; There are several (minor?) security reasons, communication-logistics of maintaining and changing the list without the need for repeated public dissemination, and citizens should not be enabled to arrive at a shelter site before it is open (or if it won’t) and ready to receive clients in a safe & orderly maner.
      Never the less, since shelter openings are dependent on complex factors such as local need, available staff, support logistics, and shelter status & risk (publicly “random”), arrival at an unannounced, unready/closed shelter seems unlikely since it is pointless (by the citizen) unless communication fails, when there is then no alternative to focused driving around anyway.

  7. Anonymous says :

    Please post the location of emergency shelters NOW. I understand the locations may change but people are very anxious. Give us some idea of where the locations are going to be. You are not performing a very good public service by “hiding” the locations.

    • Todd says :

      Absolutely. If power / cell service goes out we are done… it happened very recently. You can update your blog all you want, but if we can’t get the info it
      is pointless.

  8. Todd says :

    Still no reply / answer on my cell phone receiving blog updates question:

    Once you confirm below, you wi [12:04 PM]:
    (Follow Fairfax County Emergency Information) Thanks for signing up to follow our emergency blog posts.

    Once you confirm below, you wi

    This will not work. Thanks

    • Anonymous says :

      There are already power outages in the county. I am taking in water in my basement. Do you FINALLY think its time to let county residents know where the shelters are? Why don’t you wait until my house is flooded and I have no electricity! I called and the non-emergency number and the lady didn’t even understand why I wanted the information posted!!!!!

    • Anonymous says :

      WHY? is there no list of shelters for people to go to?
      IT DOES NO GOOD when the power is out most of us
      have no access to the internet without POWER.
      WHY are you not thinking ahead, SHAME on you.

      • fairfaxcounty says :

        We also provide updates to media organizations in our area. You can listen to a battery powered radio and get updates from the news. We will also push out messages on CEAN, our Community Emergency Alert Network. Please make sure to keep your cell phone charged up so it will be available to you if the power does go out.

        • Anonymous says :

          You have got to be kidding about that post! What about people without cell phones or without power to their phone or without web access on their phones? Do you REALLY think the average person has a battery operated radio?!?

          Please post the shelter information immediately before power goes out and people can’t get the information.

          • Anonymous says :

            Having a battery operated radio is a big part of disaster planning and preparedness. We have been through enough events in this area to know that this is something every household should get, along with making a disaster plan and being prepared. I hope all who don’t have one now will make the effort to get one before the next storm rolls through the area. I have a radio that runs on battery, solar, and hand-crank.

        • Diana Spencer says :

          Why is there no list of shelters for us to go to?
          The list is needed now! Post the list now!
          When the power is out most of us are out of luck.
          There is no access to the internet without power.

  9. Mike says :

    Cell phone service is one of the first things to be knocked out. Our cell tower was gone in the derecho almost instantly. Registering for alerts over a phone system which is going down using devices with 8 hours of battery??? No posted shelter list??? What is going on here?
    Which HAM bands and repeaters will you be posting alerts to? My list is below; hopefully the HAM community will step up where the county has fallen down.

    162.550 | National Weather Service
    147.315 | ARES Alexandria
    146.790 | ARES Fairfax Repeater
    146.910 | ARES Fairfax Alternate
    146.655 | MT Veron ARES
    147.330 | Dulles repeater
    151.595 | South Lakes HS

  10. Anonymous says :

    Comletely agree with this comment and believe that Fairfax should have been more prepared for this type of emergency situation. DC has already announced sheleters, etc.: “Trying to understand the logic of not posting emergency shelter locations (particularly those designated for families with pets) at this point. If/when we lose power, it will be far harder for us to get the requisite information.”

  11. Anonymous says :

    My only battery-powered radio is in my car. During the derecho I spent two hours driving around in my car just to get updates. Can we replace the CEAN with WTOP?

  12. To the Moon says :

    When will the CERT be called into action. There are hundreds of trained personnel ready to go, to help with shelters and things.

  13. Anon_inFfax says :

    Post shelters now. We are expected to start seeing high winds which may damage homes and knock out power. My internet is likely to go out and I am not wasting my cell phone power on something that should have been posted a while ago.

  14. Anxious says :

    Please post the pre-identified emergency shelters, even if not open, NOW… especially the ones that take pets. If we lose power, radios and other means don’t always work! I want to print something out now to be prepared.

  15. Anonymous says :

    Go to the main Fairfax site if you are looking for shelter information. It’s not open yet, but a shelter will be opening at Lee District will be opening later

  16. Doris B. Mabrey says :

    I certainly agree with all of those who say the shelter information should be posted – even if the shelters are not cutrrently open. Once power is out, users can’t get the info. A shelter could open right up the street and you’d never know it. I don’t understand why Fairfax County, which is usually pretty on top of things, should take this stand about emergency shelters.

  17. ROCKS says :

    CERTenly ready to go work in a shelter, if need to.

  18. Anonymous says :

    I live too far from Lee District shelter to get there safely in event I have to leave my home. Please post ALL potential shelters NOW!!!

    • Also anonymous says :

      I also live way too far from the Lee District.
      Why is the list not posted?? Where do I go?
      In an attempt to be prepared, I want to prepare what I should do to get there.
      Does the county really want to help or do they prefer panic?

  19. Anonymous says :

    All shelters need to be posted now. Power is going out.

  20. ROCKS says :

    CERT ready to work all the shelters!

  21. Tools says :

    Maybe some of the idiots here should have PREPARED for this storm which was forecast DAYS ago. Tards.

  22. Block says :

    Man calm down folks this is turning into another plastic and duct tape freak fest. Dont start blaming the county for you not being prepared, the storm is just that a storm not the end of time. Posting in caps dosent get you to the front of the line any faster. Fill your bath tubs with water so you can flush your loo and for tonight sleep down stairs. As for shelters look here to start with

    Remember that staying off the roads is very important because the first responders do not and I repeat do not need to waste time on non emergency calls from people to stupid to stay away from flooded roads. If you have a generator please please do not run it inside your home or garage……you will kill your whole family. Think befor you do anything stupid

  23. ROCKS says :

    Huntington is being evacuated, does CERT need to go to Huntington to help?

  24. JA says :

    Let me elucidate, precisely, the phantasmagorical governmental muddified fuzzification of the reason for not telling the public about shelter locations:
    “Yes, we have shelters. Yes, we are in a hurricane. No, we won’t tell you where they are.
    We will only tell you if the power starts to go out everywhere. We will post it on the Internet and tell the TV and radio stations. It doesn’t matter that you won’t be able to see or hear it anywhere when your TV, cable and radio stop working.
    We know that every other NoVa county and city have published their emergency sites already, but we are not them.”
    By jove, I think I’ve got it!