Lee District RECenter to Open as Shelter Later Today

Posted 1:55 p.m.

Lee District RECenter, 6601 Telegraph Road in Franconia, will open later this afternoon as a shelter, with a pet trailer to handle pets. However, it is NOT OPEN yet, so please do not show up until we announce it is ready.

No evacuation has been ordered in the county.

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9 responses to “Lee District RECenter to Open as Shelter Later Today”

  1. BR says :

    A trailer for pets? Does this mean we can’t keep them with us if we need to go to the shelter?

    • mckellygirl says :

      I believe a trailer will be a safe location for pets onsite or right near the shelter. There are regulations about pets being able to be in the shelter, as some people are allergic to pets. But, the fact that this shelter facility can also accommodate pets is a very good thing. I am a disaster volunteer with a dog, and even trying to volunteer to work at a shelter can be a barrier for me if I can’t bring my dog and know he is safe. There is better recognition that our pets are part of our families and I am very pleased to see that this is being reflected in disaster planning. I would not go to a shelter myself if I could not bring my dog.

  2. Anonymous says :

    ….any other shelters in Fairfax, VA?

  3. Anonymous says :

    shelters in 22031?

  4. Anonymous says :

    A list of potential shelters would be helpful for planning. The power might be off when one is needed

  5. Anonymous says :

    What time are other shelters going to be posted? DC and local Maryland counties have already posted their shelter locations. Once power is lost, people may not be able to get info. We also need more info about what a pet trailer is?

  6. mckellygirl says :

    I’ve been a Red Cross volunteer in Fairfax County for several years and have managed Red Cross Shelters here, and usually sheltering gets coordinated pretty well in the county. But I have to say that I am dismayed by the lack of information being put forth this late in the game. Anyone considering evacuating to a shelter ideally may want to go very soon as conditions will soon deteriorate rapidly. All other counties in our viewing area have established and publicized their shelters by now. Not seeing anything on the local news networks for Fairfax yet. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE posts locations and opening times. Surely there is going to be more than one shelter open in the entire county–I’d expect at least one in N. Fairfax too.

  7. Anonymous says :

    it looks like Fairfax county is less preared for any emergency situation….no info about shelters in vicinity of Vienna Metro station….