Hurricane Sandy Monday Morning Update

Posted 4:30 a.m.

County Government Status

  • Fairfax County Government Offices — Closed Monday, Oct. 29 and employees are granted emergency administrative leave. Emergency service personnel should report as scheduled. Tuesday, Oct. 30— At this point, the government will be open with unscheduled leave for employees. If the weather changes, the status will be reassessed Monday night.
  • The Fairfax County Circuit Court, General District Court and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court— Closed Monday, Oct. 29.
  • Fairfax County Public Schools — Closed Monday, Oct. 29, and Tuesday, Oct. 30. All Fairfax County Public Schools offices will be closed on Monday as well. School Age Child Care (SACC) centers are closed.
  • Absentee Voting— Cancelled Monday, Oct. 29
  • Trash Pickup for residents who live in Solid Waste Collection Areas (Sanitary Districts) — Scheduled for regular service Monday, Oct. 29.
  • View complete cancellation information.

Emergency Information Hotline

The Fairfax County Emergency Information Hotline has been activated and is available for residents to call for information about the storm. The number is 571-350-1300. For an emergency, call 9-1-1.

Weather Forecast

Fairfax County has declared a state of emergency. This dangerous storm will affect us countywide with flooding, power outages, traffic issues, downed trees damaged buildings and more throughout the county.

The most significant impact will be Monday morning to Tuesday morning.  The storm should completely leave the area by Wednesday afternoon.

  • Winds: 30-55 mph sustained with gusts to 70 mph.
  • Rain: 4-8 inches with the majority in the 24-hour period from Monday morning to Tuesday morning.


As the rain increases, we absolutely need you to follow this advice if you have a need to be outside:

  • Turn around, don’t drown if you have a need to drive. Never drive through standing water on a roadway — turn around, don’t drown. Water may be much deeper than you think.
  • Do not allow children to play near creeks or other bodies of water that may rise rapidly.
  • If you live in low-lying areas that have flooded before, move vehicles to higher ground. Try to avoid parking under trees when possible. Move any valuables from the basement, especially if your basement has flooded before.

High Winds

A high wind warning is in effect from 8 a.m. Monday to 8 p.m. Tuesday.

  • Bring in all outdoor furniture, garbage cans, Halloween decorations and other items so they do not blow away or pose a threat to property or people.
  • Remove dead limbs on trees that could fall on your property (home, car, land).

Power Outages

It’s very likely many parts of our community will lose power and you may be without power for days. Please be prepared with emergency supplies, cash on hand, fill your gas tank and have a plan in case you need to find a new place to stay.

Neighbors and Neighborhoods

Emergency response is one of the most important responsibilities of local government, but government alone can’t respond. Families, neighborhoods, businesses, houses of worship and many others in our large, diverse community must be prepared, at a minimum, to be self-sufficient for three days.

Try and connect with neighbors so you can seek or give support when it may be needed:

  • Talk to your neighbors about how you can work together during an emergency.
  • Find out if anyone has specialized equipment like a power generator, or expertise such as medical knowledge, that might help in a crisis.
  • Decide who will check on elderly or disabled neighbors.
  • Make back-up plans for children in case you can’t get home in an emergency.
  • Share plans and communicate in advance.

Stay Informed

  • Share this blog post with your family/friends/coworkers and ask them to subscribe to posts by email. This blog will provide updates throughout the storm.
  • Sign up for our Community Emergency Alert Network text/email updates that will provide weather alerts and other critical information.
  • If you use social media sites, then follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Be an information ambassador for us and share/retweet updates. If using Twitter, help us see local tweets by using the hashtag #ffxstorm
  • Keep up to date with local conditions – follow TV and radio reports from your area, or visit ( on your phone) for the latest forecast.
  • Download our county mobile apps with emergency information and get the American Red Cross “Hurricane” app – AndroidApple.

7 responses to “Hurricane Sandy Monday Morning Update”

  1. Guditus, Michael says :

    It was in the body of the email. Maybe it didn’t transfer over. Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you again. Please get some sleep.

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  2. youngkim says :

    called the hotline last night to ask if our regular Monday trash pickup would be canceled and was told YES– all FF services canceled. Heard the trash trucks this morning…then see the 4:30 am posting ….misinformation abounds. Thanks FF!!

    • Mary Fletcher Jones says :

      Seriously? The biggest storm most of us can remember and you’re upset b/c you didn’t get info just the way you wanted it about a trash pick-up? I mean, on balance, wouldn’t you say they’re doing an AH-mazng job? Perspective, youngkim, perspective 🙂

      • youngkim says :

        guess you got your trash picked up OR Monday is not your trash day… 😉
        Going to the source and getting misinformation always bugs me- that’s my perspective 🙂

        • Jj says :

          I guess some of us just have bigger concerns during this storm than the trash, period. Everyone has their own priorities, though, that’s ok.

  3. Anonymous says :

    First you put out a notice that you’re closed – then you say you’re not? Are you kidding me??? Everyone else is closed – & you’re putting out mixed messages! Make up your mind!

  4. Dumpster Rental NYC says :

    The only thing that hurricane sandy produced was a barren waste land of garbage, rubbish, and wood in my area. Wooden planks, wooden siding.

    -Eleuterio Martinez