Hurricane Sandy is About to Get Worse

Posted 12:56 p.m.

Hurricane Sandy is about to get worse.

Think of the derecho storm with high winds in June that lasted 24 minutes. The winds we’re about to experience beginning this afternoon are like the derecho, but they will last for 24 hours.

To paraphrase: Instead of 24 minutes of dangerous winds, it will be 24 hours of dangerous conditions.

We need you to stay off the roads and remain indoors as travel will become extremely dangerous with winds and heavy rain beginning this afternoon.

Several inches of rain and potential flooding could start happening. We’re beginning to get reports of flooded roads.

Have your battery-powered radio available and make sure your phone is fully charged if you lose power. We will share any shelter openings and other updates via our information channels such as this blog or through the news media.

Please refer to these prior updates for information on other topics:

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13 responses to “Hurricane Sandy is About to Get Worse”

  1. Anonymous says :

    what happens if the county remains powerless and offline on election day? it is only 9 days away? Can I Still vote?


      it would seem that during a natural disaster they would have to accomodate the residents that were/may be displaced as you are registered U.S. voters. Stay safe, Prayers are with All of You there.

    • Gabby says :

      Yes, I believe so because it’s election day and about 10 million people won’t be able to vote so I think there will be an exception to the elections

  2. Uknown says :


  3. Anonymous says :

    wil the fairfax county courts be closed on 10/30/2012

  4. Anonymous says :

    Tell this to the private business owners who are scared they’ll lose a buck or two by closing, the safety of their employees be damned.

  5. Gabby says :

    Hurricane Sandy is really freaking out my younger siblings what do I do?

    • Christina Wilson says :

      Hello There,
      I would first pray with them, and let them know that God loves them, and that they can put their faith in Him to take them through the storm. Then, I would do some familiar things with them: put a favorite movie in the DVD, or read their favorite story, give them warm baths and get them in their jammies, listen to some favorite music, or play a favorite game. Just some ideas. Know you are loved! Christina