Government Operating Status for Tuesday, Oct. 30

Posted 5:15 p.m.

  • Fairfax County Government Offices — Closed Tuesday, Oct. 30 and employees are granted emergency administrative leave. Emergency service personnel should report as scheduled.
  • Board of Supervisors Meeting – Still taking place at noon but presentations are cancelled and public hearings will be deferred.
  • Circuit Court, General District Court and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court — Closed Tuesday, Oct. 30.
  • Fairfax County Public Schools and Offices — Closed Tuesday, Oct. 30.
  • Absentee Voting — Cancelled for Tuesday, Oct. 30.
  • School Age Child Care (SACC) centers are closed.
  • Park Authority facilities including RECenters — Closed unless being used as a shelter
  • Neighborhood and Community Services — Community, Teen and Senior Centers — Closed
  • Libraries — Closed
  • Health Department & facilities— Closed
  • Transportation: Connector, Fastran, VRE
    • Fairfax Connector bus service — No service on Tuesday, Oct. 30.
    • Fastran will only transport critical medical care appointments  
    • Virginia Railway Express (VRE) — Operations suspended Tuesday, Oct. 30.
  • Trash Pickup for residents who live in Solid Waste Collection Areas (Sanitary Districts) — Cancelled for Tuesday, Oct. 30.

Fairfax County Emergency Information Hotline

The Fairfax County Emergency Information Hotline has been activated and is available for residents to call for information about the storm. The number is 571-350-1300, TTY 711.  For an emergency, call 9-1-1.

About Fairfax County Emergency Information

Official emergency information about preparedness, response and recovery from Fairfax County Government.

9 responses to “Government Operating Status for Tuesday, Oct. 30”

  1. Jane Feeney says :

    Thank you for posting this early

    • Elizabeth says :

      I agree, in case we lose power and cannot get information for tomorrow, that is really great.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Yes, thank you for posting early enough to get the information out to everyone.

  3. Anonymous says :

    Thank you for posting this early! We really do appreciate the timely information while we still have power.

  4. W.Lambett says :


  5. Citizen says :

    Please put this information on the front page of the Fairfax County webpage and distribute it to the news media. The closing information gets buried in the rest of the posts.

  6. Anonymous says :

    I am working for capital one you think they are open today?