Emergency Hotline Activated: 571-350-1300

The Fairfax County Emergency Information Hotline has been activated and is available for residents to call for information about the storm. The number is 571-350-1300. For an emergency, call 9-1-1.


29 responses to “Emergency Hotline Activated: 571-350-1300”

  1. Fran says :

    Are fairfax county courts closed as well?

  2. Jason Helton says :

    what about Fairfax Connector is it running on monday ?

  3. Steve Foerster says :

    Where “activated” does not include people actually answering it. I just want to know whether county government offices will be open tomorrow, something that should be able to be decided by now.

  4. Robert says :

    The discussion was supposed to begin at 7… We should know by now…

  5. Anonymous says :

    No Metro service-bus or rail on
    monday. So i would think no connector

  6. anon says :

    How long does it take to make the obvious decision?

  7. Anonymous says :

    I’d guess at least 42 minutes.

  8. John B. says :

    Indigent client needs Metro service to come to court on Monday, but Metro rail service is suspended. Kindly make a decision as to whether Courts will be closed so I can properly advise client.

  9. Brenda Harrell says :

    when will decision be made if ffx county gov will be closed?

  10. anon says :

    Do you think they’re still arguing that someone might need a building permit URGENTLY?

  11. Anonymous says :

    I have a summons to jury duty for tomorrow at 8:15 AM and I’m really anxious to find out if I have to be there. Everyone else I know has had their commitments cancelled due to impending weather…hope this decision comes soon.

    • Anonymous says :

      OH! Just checked Facebook and it says the Fairfax County Government is closed tomorrow. Thank you for making the safe decision!

  12. Anonymous says :

    Offices are closed Monday and Tuesday is unscheduled leave. Facebook has been updated.

  13. Anonymous says :

    Guess I’ll be going to court tomorrow no matter how safe it is for my life or not…

  14. Anonymous says :

    Is Fairfax County Government closed or not? This site sucks.

  15. M says :

    From Fairfax County Government Facebook updated a few minutes ago: Fairfax County Government will be closed tomorrow, Monday, Oct. 29, along with County Courts and most services including the Fairfax Connector. Unscheduled leave has been granted for Tuesday. Stay tuned to the emergency blog for details.

  16. Rob T says :

    Yes and this is the emergency blog which is not posting the status. This is why we cannot count on county government to take care of citizens during a storm. The idiots can’t even post their own information properly.

  17. M says :

    Fairfax County reports

    Fairfax County Government offices are closed Mon. Oct. 29. All courts are
    closed. Absentee voting is canceled. Metrobus/Metrorail, Fairfax Connector and
    VRE are not operating. Fastran will transport critical medical care appointments
    only. Normal trash pick up will occur.

  18. Anonymous says :

    And freaking *Facebook* should never be a primary source of information. I’ve seen it on wtopnews.com, but no other news sites. Facebook. These imbeciles just don’t get it, after all this time. But they’re enamored of their social media, which almost no county employees are allowed to use from work.

  19. Anonymous says :

    I certainly hope this doesn’t pattern doesn’t persist. I can only imagine a situation where employees being uninformed of the current operating status because it was posted to Facebook more than a half hour before any other method.

  20. Anonymous says :

    I’ve been unable to google an answer to this question, but I’m hoping someone on this blog knows: does Alexandria/Fairfax post “boil water” alerts due to flooding on a particular official website, or do I just need to check the local news sites? Thanks!

    • fairfaxcounty says :

      There is currently no boil water notice in Fairfax County, but we will post it to this blog if one is put in place.

  21. Anonymous says :

    Is Northwest Community Mental Health Clinic/Center (in Reston) closed on Monday 10/29 and Tue 10/30?

  22. Chris Anderson says :

    This blog is USELESS for disseminating emergency information. The identification of POSSIBLE shelters should be available before an emergency or disaster. Please do your homework and examine ANY county in Florida for how they inform citizens about hurricane preparations. Here is an example from Polk County, FL:


    Instructions should be clear BEFORE something happens. In addition, has anyone tried to do a Google search for this Fairfax County page? Please hire staff that has at least minimal information about keyword searches. This page does NOT show up under the most common searches a citizen would use.

    Further, has even one person there thought about what happens when the power goes out?