Are You Registered for the Great Southeast ShakeOut Yet?

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Join your friends and co-workers who plan to “Drop, Cover and Hold On” in the first-ever Great Southeast ShakeOut earthquake drill this Thursday, Oct. 18, at 10:18 a.m. Governor Bob McDonnell also has proclaimed the Oct. 18 as Earthquake ShakeOut Day in Virginia.

The ShakeOut will occur wherever you are — home, school, work or play — simultaneously in Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland and Washington, D.C. You can participate by practicing what you should do if an earthquake strikes so that you and your family will be better prepared.

Learn more and register yourself, your family, your school, your office and your organization for the ShakeOut drill at

Unfortunately, many of us do not know the safe response to an earthquake.  Emergency management and preparedness experts agree that Drop, Cover and Hold On is what we should do to reduce injuries and deaths during earthquakes. 

  • DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you).
  • Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table.
  • HOLD ON to it until the shaking stops.

If there isn’t a table or desk near you, drop to the ground in an inside corner of the building, and cover your head and neck with your hands and arms.  Do not try to run to another room to get under a table.  Earthquakes occur without warning and may be so violent that you cannot run or crawl. Drop, Cover and Hold On immediately.

Don’t run outside. Trying to run in an earthquake is dangerous because the ground is moving and you can easily fall or be injured by falling bricks, glass and other building materials. You are much safer to stay inside and get under a table.

Register for the ShakeOut at For more information, contact our Office of Emergency Management at 571-350-1000, TTY 711.

Drop, cover and Hold On - Participate in the Great Southeast ShakeOut on Oct. 18, 2012, at 10:18 a.m.

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2 responses to “Are You Registered for the Great Southeast ShakeOut Yet?”

  1. Mary Fletcher Jones says :

    I registered! These tips on the website were really helpful, esp. the tips for family members with disabilities.

  2. jb says :

    Given the powerful sea wave like nature of the quake that hit here last summer from Mineral,Va, and the many long flat buildings (like schools) we have around here, I know that at least several schools are currently undergoing major renovations, and wondered if there was a connection. I can imangine it being like bending uncooked spagetti.
    Does anyone know what the curvature of the brounds surface wave was?