Earthquakes: Fairfax Prepares Day 26

Posted 12:06 p.m.

day 26 iconWhere were you when you experienced the Virginia earthquake?

Last August, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck Mineral, Va., and our county felt it along with a good portion of the Northeast.

Earthquake preparedness may not have been on top of your mind given the rarity of the earth moving here. One year later, though, take a quick look at some earthquake preparedness tips.

Two of the most important tips:

  • The best protection is to get under heavy furniture, such as a desk, table or bench, staying away from large windows, mirrors or other glass.
  • The greatest danger is directly outside buildings, at exits and along exterior walls, due to falling debris.

For the first time, Virginia will participate in the Great SouthEast ShakeOut, an earthquake drill set for Oct. 18, at 10:18 a.m.

There are many ways for individuals, businesses, schools, faith-based organizations, community groups and others to participate in the SouthEast ShakeOut, including the day of the drill.   

Exclamation point iconTHE ASK: Register for the Great SouthEast ShakeOut drill and join the nearly 500,000 Virginians registered so far. If you can’t participate that day, then please review the earthquake preparedness tips above in case the earth shakes again.

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One response to “Earthquakes: Fairfax Prepares Day 26”

  1. Terrence Dankel says :

    I was inside my office at 2650 Park Tower Drive, swaying back and forth.