How Ready Are You? Fairfax Prepares Day 22

Posted 10:12 a.m.

day 22 iconFor 21 days, you’ve been reading tips and completing our asks to become better prepared.

There’s another way to gauge your readiness – through an educational tool by The Council for Excellence in Government that tests your “readiness quotient.”

The Readiness Quotient – or RQ – is a first of its kind tool for individuals, families and communities to determine and evaluate their readiness. 

See how you stack up against the national average and learn specific steps you can take to better prepare yourself and your family, as well as things you can do to encourage your community, schools and workplace to be better prepared.

Exclamation point iconTHE ASK: Test your Readiness Quotient by the end of September (National Preparedness Month).

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4 responses to “How Ready Are You? Fairfax Prepares Day 22”

  1. Randy Allen says :

    Took the rq test with 8 of 10 answered “done”. The results showed my score as 0 out of 10. The test developers are clearly not “ready”. Pretty bogus if the test can’t even count to 8.

    Need to test these things before releasing them to the public. Make sure this stuff works from all platforms.

    I tried to do this.

  2. Wynne says :

    I had the same problem with the test, a score of zero even though I’ve done many of the tasks. Plus, when I followed a link in the tips after the test, it led to a dead page.

  3. Jennifer Garrett says :

    Had the same problem as the others…