Ways to Stay Informed: Fairfax Prepares Day 12

Posted 4:18 p.m.

day 12 iconWe recently closed our emegrency information and derecho storm survey. We thank you for your participation!

Some of the questions focused on specific emergency information tools we use to share updates and to hear what’s going on in the community. We listed a variety of tools in the survey such as:

In written comments about which of these tools people use to stay informed, a clear consensus said we could do a better job in marketing/advertising these tools. Many people were simply unaware.

Exclamation point iconTHE ASK: By this weekend, share this post with a family member or friend (or many others!) and ask them to sign up for at least one of the tools above. We need your help in sharing the menu of options for how people may stay informed during an emergency.

TELL US you’ve done this:

  • Post a quick reply in this blog’s comments section below such as “I’ve done this.”
  • Use the Twitter hashtag #fairfaxprepares and tweet your accomplishment. Include photos if you’d like.
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  • Email us at publicaffairs@fairfaxcounty.gov that you accomplished an ask.


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