Are You Ready for National Preparedness Month?

Posted 1:09 p.m.

Fairfax County has seen many types of emergencies in the last 12 months – from tropical storms to earthquakes – that caused disruptions in utilities and communications. How will you prepare for the next disaster?

September is National Preparedness Month, which is a great time to ensure that you and your family are prepared for an emergency. Disasters can strike at any time, which is why our Office of Emergency Management encourages you to take the time to develop an emergency preparedness kit for your home, office and vehicle; make an emergency plan; and learn how to stay informed.

As you’re preparing, consider the following:

  • How will you communicate with friends and family?
  • Where will you go if you have to evacuate the area?
  • Do you have the means to shelter-in-place at your home and workplace?
  • What are the emergency plans for your office?
  • What are the emergency plans for your children’s day cares/schools?
  • Where you will meet your family and friends if all lines of communication are down?

Pledge to Prepare - National Preparedness Month provides a template for individuals and businesses to easily develop a plan. You also are encouraged to visit and pledge to prepare during National Preparedness Month. And you’ll want to bookmark this emergency information blog for preparedness information and news during disasters or weather events.

If you need additional information about emergency preparedness or National Preparedness Month, call OEM at 571-350-1000, TTY 711, or email

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