Residents and Businesses Encouraged to Provide Feedback Through Emergency Information Survey

The Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is asking for feedback from county residents and businesses to help assess the county’s response to the June 29 derecho storm that affected the county and the National Capital Region.  To find out about the county’s strengths as well as opportunity areas for improvement, we are asking you to fill out an online emergency information survey. It should only take a few minutes.

This survey is part of the official review of the storm response and input from residents and businesses will be invaluable. It will be used for OEM’s after-action report on the derecho event and how Fairfax County Government responded.

Emergency communications are critical before, during and after incidents that affect our community. A variety of entities and people are part of that process such as Fairfax County Government, utility companies, the commonwealth of Virginia, the private sector and others. This survey focuses on Fairfax County Government.

“We’re asking for every resident to provide input, as well as business owners,” said David McKernan, coordinator for the Office of Emergency Management. “It’s important for us as emergency planners to learn how this storm affected our residents, businesses and infrastructure so that we can implement corrective measures and plans for a better response for future storms.”

To take the survey, visit

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2 responses to “Residents and Businesses Encouraged to Provide Feedback Through Emergency Information Survey”

  1. Mackintosh, Lyn says :

    It may be too late but. . .
    The second line of the first page of the survey doesn’t read well
    A variety of entities and people a part of that process such as Fairfax County Government
    Hope this is helpful
    Lyn Mackintosh
    703-550-9740 Ext. 253

  2. Renuka Chander says :

    body{font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}I started to complete the survey till I got to Q4 which was not comprehensible and when I selected 1 for Radio, it ranked the other options most of which I don’t use.So I am not completing this survey.Renuka Chander–