Four Ways We Can Beat the Heat

sun glassesThe heat is with us once again today with heat index values of over 100 degrees.

We’ve written about the heat continuously on this blog in recent weeks, but it can affect many of you and your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

So we have a four “asks” for you today and every time it’s hot:

  1. Check on elderly relatives and neighbors.
  2. Never leave small children or pets unattended in vehicles. Temperatures inside the vehicle can rapidly climb to 130 degrees.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids.
  4. Stay in an air-conditioned room.

If for some reason you lose electricity or don’t have air conditioning, some of our county facilities are open to you, such as libraries, RECenters and community centers. They serve as an opportunity for you to seek relief from the heat with air conditioning during normal business hours. In addition, you may visit numerous private facilities such as movie theaters, shopping centers and malls as a way to get out of the heat.

If you have a family member or neighbor in need of urgent human services assistance due to the heat, please call 703-222-0880, TTY 711, for information and referrals.

If you have a life threatening emergency, call 911, TTY 711.

About Fairfax County Emergency Information

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