Roads Impacted by Storm Damage Update

Posted 9:45 a.m.

A number of roads (PDF) are still impacted by damage from the storm. The list will be updated as information becomes available.

Drivers are reminded to obey four-way stop rules at intersections without power.

  • Treat each traffic light as a four-way stop, with the driver on the right having the right-of-way.
  • Proceed with caution only when traffic permits.
  • Enter intersections only when it is safe to do so, using turn signals to let other motorists know your intentions.
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.
  • Watch out for and obey police officers directing traffic within intersections.

View latest list of county closures and delays.


One response to “Roads Impacted by Storm Damage Update”

  1. Anonymous says :

    No where on the Home Page is there mention of residents living within the Providence District, who still do not have power, nor is there reference as to what the Supervisor’s office can do to help those residents get power. I live at 3042 Barden Oaks Court, Oakton and our community still does not have power. ALL (and I mean ALL!) streets in front of us, behind us, to the left and the right of us have power. They ALL received power on Saturday. Our one little bitty street in the only street within 2 miles of Rte 123 and Hunter Mill Road without power. Dominion will not provide us with information as to why they will not stop by our street’s metal transformer box at the entrance to our little bitty community, open up the box, and turn the power switch back on. Further, they will not tell us when power will be restored, nor how to get our street placed on the daily “street locations to be serviced today” list. What can you do for us? Hearing back from you on Thursday after you have enjoyed your indoors air-conditioned 4th of July is unacceptable while our 20 townhouses register 111 degree indoor temperatures. I should not have to sleep on the tile floor of my basement with my groundfloor rear door propped open in order to get 80 degree air to come in while risking robbery and/or rape . Of my three animals, one was in respiratory distress when I got home yesterday from work. The one animal is not expected to make it.

    Maureen Eilbert
    3042 Barden Oaks Court
    Oakton, VA 22124
    703-589-3273 ce3ll
    703-255-2899 home, which obviously does not work