Resolve to Be Ready: Emergency Kits for Home, Work and Vehicles

Emergency Supply KitEmergencies can strike at any time in any location. As part of “Resolve to be Ready,” take the time to develop emergency preparedness kits in your home, workplace and vehicle. Having essential items collected in each of these locations will help ensure that you are prepared in any situation.


For your home, be prepared to be self-sustaining for at least three days. Depending on the type and scale of the emergency, it may take several days for the government and utilities to return services.



Workplace preparedness kits don’t have to be as extensive as a home kit, but should contain items necessary to shelter-in-place and keep you comfortable for at least 24 hours. Review your workplace emergency plans and procedures, including evacuation routes and shelter-in-place locations, so that you know what to do before an emergency happens. 



Maintaining a kit in your vehicle will help keep you ready and resilient anywhere you travel. In case you get stranded or stuck in severe traffic, having essential items in your car may keep you safe and comfortable until help arrives.


For a comprehensive list of items to include in your emergency kit, visit or

The Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management encourages every business, organization and family to get involved in emergency preparedness efforts. If you or your organization are in need of a presentation about emergency preparedness or other emergency-related topics, let me know at 571-350-1013, TTY 711 or by email at

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    It looks like you covered all the areas of necessity. I wonder if the county would do a drive to sell 72 hour kits for a low price to the public.