Get Tech Ready!

With floods, a hurricane and an earthquake in recent weeks, are you “tech ready” for the next incident that will affect our area? Digital preparedness is an important way to stay informed and connected before, during and after an emergency.

For example:

Tell your friends & family you are OK via text, email, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Learn how to send updates via text and internet from your mobile phone to your contacts and social channels in case voice communications are not available. Text messages and the internet often have the ability to work in the event of a phone service disruption. Avoid calling by phone.

Read more tips and tools on our new digital preparedness web page.

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2 responses to “Get Tech Ready!”

  1. Michele says :

    Thank you for this reminder/suggestion. Remember, though, signing up for communications about emergencies will not help residents if those messages aren’t forthcoming. Just read exchanges on Facebook or Twitter during the most recent flooding-rain incident…Fairfax Connector riders waited hours at the Huntington Metro for buses that never came after the station was declared “closed” and buses were queuing up on the opposite end of the metro platform. No announcement via twitter, facebook or good old-fashioned station manager while passengers waited for three hours.