Send Damage Estimates to Fairfax County

It is unlikely that the federal government will declare a disaster for Virginia as a result of Tropical Storm Lee and the rains we experienced last week.  However, we must always be prepared.  Please send by email an estimate on the amount of UNINSURED damage from this storm.  This does not need to be a detailed or exact amount but should be an educated guess. You will need detailed information IF we get a declaration of a disaster.

We ask so Fairfax County can provide our local, state and federal representatives with information that could help persuade the Federal Emergency Management Agency to make the declaration (but again, such a declaration is unlikely).

Fairfax County Consumer Affairs recommends you review your insurance policy to determine if you are eligible for compensation.  Oftentimes residents are confused about what is and what is not covered. Contact your insurance company with questions. If you have a complaint, contact the Virginia State Corporation Commission – Bureau of Insurance at 804-371-9741, TTY 711. For general advice, contact Fairfax County Consumer Affairs at 703-222-8435, TTY 711.


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