VDOT Provides Road Update (7 p.m.)

Virginia Department of Transportation’s Jennifer McCord gives an update on Fairfax County road closures. About 30 roads remained closed and three bridges have been completely washed away.

You can visit http://www.511virginia.org for a complete list of road closures in the county.

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5 responses to “VDOT Provides Road Update (7 p.m.)”

  1. Susan Shearouse says :

    Hunter Mill Rd at Colvin Run is closed because of flood damage to the one lane bridge. This road is heavily used by commuters. We need a Road Closed to Through Traffic sign at the intersection of Baron Cameron and Hunter Mill to keep commuters from turning onto Hunter Mill and then having to turn around within a half mile….

    • Anonymous says :

      Who should we direct our concerns to with VDOT and the lack of detour/road closed signage?
      VDOT gets good marks from me for being out and fixing road damage shortly after the storm but poor marks for the lack of signage. On Hunter Mill Road, someone has put up a cardboard Bridge Out sign. Disappointing that someone beat VDOT to it when the closest VDOT residency is a mile away on Sunset Hills Road.

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